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Virgo – The Virgin

(August 23–September 22)

Planet: Mercury
Element: Earth
Incense: Narcissus
Cross: Fixed
Weekday: Wednesday
Colors: Pastel blue, peach, yellow, gold, black
Metal: Platinum
Age Virgo controls: 7-14 years
Crystals: Cornelia, jade, jasper
Flowers: Rosemary, Madonna, lily, valerian
Tree: Elder Birds: Magpie, parrot
Body Area: intestines, bowels, pancreas and gall bladder
Archangel: Hamliel
Watchword: Operation


You tend to express yourself through your work and seek to to bring matter under the control of the mind so that your key phrase is – I analyse – where you are meticulous in carrying out work. This ability to think things through needs to be balanced by the realisation that the mind serves the the spirit, and that overwork is not wisdom, a capacity for self denial where work is concerned can lead to exhaustion, while fears can bring on semi-reclusive behaviour in some Virgos. You place a high value on words and can be entranced by them and you make a good student but tend to think intellect is all when judging a person. You have a healthy concern for a good diet and should avoid artificial foods and medicines which will disagree with you. You are also impressed by good clothes and quality. Gossip and judging people by their appearances are given too high a priority by you since you value neatness in clothes. You may be impervious to love overtures and stay unmarried since no one measures up to your impossible standards, but once married you will rule the roost.

Friends and lovers.

You are well capable of giving loyalty and are possessive by nature so that you see no reason why the friends and lovers you select with careful discrimination should not treat you in the same way. In fact you may try to mould them according to your standards. You admire progressive intelligent people who look like they have their path through life well plotted. You can be over impressed by the intellect of another and ignore or overlook their failings because of this high regard for their brain. You have to like a person before you can fall in love with them and though you can make a wonderful lover and friend and helpmate, you need to learn to give understanding in a relationship rather than the more likely criticism. You are not into glamour, but your indifference to it can act as a challenge to others who detect your inner needs behind your inhibitions and reserve.

Sex drive.

Your estimation of a partner is all important to you for sex can take place largely in the head where you are much given to fantasising rather than actually living these fancies out, for you are unlikely to play fast and loose in your affections. You prefer a mate who you can look up to, there is a danger you will put them on a pedastal so that they will fail to live up to your very demanding standards and you will feel dissatisfied. You are very discriminating and set a high value on character and faithfulness, any flirtatiousness is on a superficial level. You want an ideal relationship where you can co-operate and be helpful to your mate, proving you make up in loyalty what you lack in demonstration of your true affections. Your fears about sex may include a dread of infection which makes you hold back in early physical contact with potential partners.

Your reserve in sexual expression may result in you being drawn to masochistic relationships where you play out a subordinate role to a love you have elevated to superior status.