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Vervain Verbena officinalis (Verbanaceae)

Other Names:
Traditional Uses:dropsy, rheumatism, stomach and liver disorders, fevers and nervous tension, eye complaints
Magical Uses:Archangel Anael, Sleep, Love potions, Youth.
Description: Branching perennial with slim angular stems that grow up to 3 ft. Bears long 3 lobed leaves that are dull green and toothed. Small light purple flowers appear in thin spikes in late summer.

Uses: Use green flowering plant fresh or dried in the sun or in warmth. Used in Middle Ages to ward off the plague. Used medicinally to treat stomach and liver disorders. A tea is stimulant and reduces fever and nervous tension. Externally used for eye and skin problems.

Infusion: Used to prepare more delicate parts of plants. 3 cups of water to 1 ounce dry herb or 1?