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Choosing a Pagan Tradition

In the sense we mean it here, a Tradition is a group or organization that initiates and instructs individuals in some kind of magical or spiritual path. Use the links on the left to find out more about a particular tradition. Do you know of a tradition that we need to include that is not here? Please let us know by sending email to editor@pagannews.com. Please include as much information as you can so we can research as thoroughly as possible!

The purpose of this section is to provide you with information on the different traditions that exist within the Wiccan and Pagan communities.

A tradition is a term that may or may not be used to describe a set of beliefs and practices that a group of people may or may not adhere to. That is about as concise as one can get when describing the term ‘tradition’ within the pagan community, since the term means many different things to different people!

Some believe that a tradition is only a tradition if it is Wicca based and can trace its lineage down from Gerald Gardner. Others believe that a tradition is whatever you want it to be. Not all pagan traditions are Wicca, and not all Wicca traditions are pagan.

Some traditions have many covens, groups and/or individuals that adhere to their belief structure, others may have only one. Some pay homage to deities from one pantheon (celtic, for example), others combine deities from different sources.

There are so many different traditions, and we cannot hope to include them all in this section, but if you know of one that should be included, or if you know the information that we have gathered is clearly inaccurate, please let us know – we’ll be happy to make any corrections and add any new entries!

You may find the chart below useful in determining which tradition most closely suits your needs. Do you want more structured teaching and ritual, or more freedom to develop your own style? Are you looking for a tradition that keeps itself to itself, or one that is more open and sociable? Locate yourself on the chart below, and then use the menu on the left to look up information on the tradition that is closest to you. For example, if you think you are some what sociable, and somewhat eclectic, perhaps one of the celtic traditions may suit you. If you feel you need a lot of structure and seclusion, perhaps the Gardnerians would make a good home for you!

To learn more about a specific tradition, select from the list below: