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The Moon (Luna)

The Moon (Luna) is paired with the Sun. It lights the night, as the Sun lights the day.

The Moon is the planet of the subconscious mind. Its is our intuition, our empathy, our instinct. The Moon rules our dreams and our emotions.

It is also the planet of fertility and our feelings. It is the planet of our very soul. The astrological relationship between the Sun and Moon determines how well our actions and emotions are harmonized.

The Moon gives us our sense of humor, and our sense of security. Mother stands for comfort, and the Moon is our motherly side. If the moon is overly strong, we can appear too domineering. If it is poorly aspected, we may appear weak and passive.

With the gravitational pull it exerts upon the Earth, the moon gives us our tides, the cycles of nature and influences the growth of all life on the planet.

Deities associated with Moon

Deity Pantheon Element
Aegir – God of the Oceans Norse Water
Arianrhod – Goddess of Reincarnation Celtic Air
Artemis/Diana – Lady of the Lake, The Huntress Olympian Earth
Athena/Minerva – Goddess of Civilization Olympian Air
Athirat – The Lady of the Sea Canaanite Water
Attis – God of Vegetation Olympian Earth
Bast – Goddess of Cats, Lady of Light Egyptian Fire
Blodeuwedd – Ninefold Goddess Celtic Water
Boann – Goddess of the River Boyne Celtic Water
Cerridwen – Moon Goddess Celtic Earth
Crone – The Triple Goddess (crone) Celtic Earth
Dagon – Small Fish Canaanite Water
Eastre – Goddess of Spring Norse Earth
Elaine – The Triple Goddess (Maiden) Celtic Water
Frigg/Frigga – Queen of the Gods Norse Water
Gabriel – Angelic Water
Great Mother – Diana Faery Water
Hecate/Carmenta – Goddess of the Crossroads Olympian Earth
Hera/Juno – Goddess of Marriage Olympian Earth
Hermaphroditus – Greek Water
Idunna – Goddess of Innocence Norse Earth
Isis – Goddess of Fertility Egyptian Water
Luna/Celene – The Moon Goddess Olympian Water
Macha – Triple Goddess (Mother) Celtic Earth
Manannan mac Lir – Lord of Mists Celtic Water
Merlin – The Great Sorceror Celtic Air
Morrigan – Supreme War Goddess Celtic Water
Nephthys – Protector of the Dead Egyptian Earth
Ninhursag – Goddess of the Earth Sumerian Earth
Nyx/Nox – Goddess of the Night Olympian Water
Persephone – Queen of the Underworld Olympian Earth
Rhiannon – Goddess of Birds and Horses Celtic Earth
Sirtur – Goddess of Sheep Sumerian Earth
Thoth – God of Knowledge Egyptian Air