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Taurus – The Bull

(April 20–May 21)

Planet: Venus
Element: Earth
Incense: Storax
Cross: Fixed
Weekday: Friday
Colors: Blue, green, turquoise, red or yellow
Metal: Copper
Age Taurus controls: 14-21 years
Crystals: Sapphire, Emerald, Turquoise, Jade
Flowers: Violet, wild and red garden rose
Tree: Almond, ash, cherry and myrtle Birds: Magpie, robin
Body Area: Throat and neck
Archangel: Asmodel
Watchword: Aquisition


You seek mastery and power over material things as a way of understanding the spiritual truth of life. The key phrase to describe you is – I have – and you will focus your attentions on gaining the good things of life. Emotional and material security is important to you and you will use all your sense of determination to achieve it. Money is seen as the way for you to possess the fine surroundings and luxuries you desire. Beauty of form attracts you as well as sensual pleasure for you have a highly developed sense of touch. With people you tend to hang back until you have decided whether they will be of use to you. You are emotionally possessive as well as physically acquisitive. You are not concerned with self analysis but are capable of making plans far ahead which you follow to achieve your aims so that success usually is won by sheer determination and effort. No one can turn you from your goals or opinions once your mind is set.

Friends and lovers.

You look for steadfast love and warm affection in a friendship or relationship, which is precisely what you are capable of offering. You look for inner qualities in a partner and do not come to a hasty decision. You make an excellent friend, prepared to be helpful and give advice, your sympathy wins you the approval of others and you are naturally inclined to be loyal. This can go to the extent of being reluctant to break up a partnership even when it is damaging to your own happiness or welfare. You have many acquaintances and friends but once in love you will stick to that person and are in danger of becoming possessive and jealous. You can be very practical in relationships and need to cultivate their idealistic side. Once you have decided on a person you go after them with great determination.

Sex drive.

Yours is a very physical love nature, inclined to the sensual but not for its own sake. You are dependable and union minded for you do not only want sensual relations, you are looking for a partner who can gratify you emotionally when you can become very lusty and the heart of sensuality. The negative side of this is that pure animal feelings can take over and drive you to excess in sexual indulgence without any search for higher expression.

This trait is most often found in the male who can be driven to obtain sex and sensual satisfaction rather as he would satisfy a hunger.

Taureans make love with the body not the mind, you need time to slowly rise in passion and fulfil all your physical needs and those of your mate. You wish to steadily develop the sex act from the prelimanaries. Foreplay is important to you and, with all parts of the body likely to be equally sensitive when aroused, you want to delay the sex act until you are sufficiently stimulated.