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The Sun

It is the brightest object in the sky. It has been worshipped throughout human history. When someone asks ‘What sign are you?’ they’re talking about your sun sign. The sign the Sun was in when you were born. Interestingly enough, the idea that the Sun sign is the most important is a 20th century attitude. Prior to that, the Ascendant (the sign rising in the sky when you were born) was considered your primary sign.

The Sun (also referred to as Sol) is the conscious self. It is who we think we are. It is our identity, and our life energy. As the Sun lies at the center of our solar system, a strong aspect with this body can lead to an individual being self-centered, desiring to always be the center of attention.

The Sun lights our day, and so is associated with our waking mind. The moon is associated with the night and our subconsciousness. Without a balancing moon influence, the Sun can be harsh in nature, and fiery in temper.

Strong astrological Sun aspects indicate strength, courage and self realization. Your Sun sign is your true colors – that you display to the world every day.

Deities associated with Sun

Deity Pantheon Element
An – God of Heaven Sumerian Fire
Angus Mac Og – God of Love Celtic Fire
Apollo – Musician of the Gods Olympian Fire
Baal – Helios Canaanite Fire
Balder – God of light Norse Fire
Bel – Sun and Fire God Celtic Fire
Creiddylad – Goddess of Summer and Flowers Celtic Fire
Frey – God of Sunlight Norse Fire
Harvest Lord – Corn King Faery Fire
Michael – Angelic Fire
Odur – God of the Sun Norse Fire
Ra – Re-Horakhty – The Sun God Egyptian Fire
Sekhmet – The Mighty One Egyptian Fire