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Scorpio – The Scorpion

(October 23–November 21)

Planet: Mars & Pluto
Element: Water
Incense: Siamese Benzoine, Opoponax
Cross: Fixed
Weekday: Tuesday
Colors: Deep reds, shadow black, brown
Metal: Iron & Plutonium
Age Scorpio controls: 62+ years
Crystals: Topaz, ruby, jet
Flowers: Sweet basil, purple heather
Tree: Holly, blackthorn Birds: Eagle, vulture
Body Area: genitalia, reproduction and the blood
Archangel: Barkhiel
Watchword: Death


You are able to summon up more power and intensity than any other sign of the Zodiac for the key phrase to describe you is – I desire – and you will pursue them through thick and thin since staying power is another of your assets. You are much concerned with transformation on any level, which includes sex and romance where you will pour out all your energies. In any endeavour it is important that you think through what you are seeking since you will pursue it with great intensity and determination, your willpower is ready to endure any trial seeking satisfaction so that even death or humiliation can prove insufficient deterrent. In a work situation you can create crisis situations in your mind where you feel unable to delegate and exhaust yourself. You hate to see weakness in yourself or others though you are prepared to offer practical help to get them back on their feet where they can help themselves again.

Diplomacy is not a strong suit with you since you prefer to tell the truth or not speak at all, you are also driven to investigate the true nature of things and are good at probing secrets which can include those of people as well as the worlds of business and science. You are highly secretive by nature even though you are exceptionally good at discovering those of other people. You have a deep affinity for the the regenerative power of nature which you can apply to your own circumstances, the secret of your applied power.

Friends and lovers.

You are careful and choosy in your selection of mates and friends so that you are rarely disappointed in them, you start a relationship slowly and carefully and cultivate it along the way. Once you are in a close relationship you will be quite prepared to make sacrifices to preserve it. However there is a dynamic side to you, you can hardly resist a quarrel or a fight and must prove you are right, this can mean people find you tempestuous as you seek to divide and remix in your search for the right relationship ingredients. People are attracted by this dynamism however, you have an animal like sexuality and excitement which comes across in the face you show the world as well as in bed. In romance you are intense and dynamic, there is little you will not do to satisfy both friends and lovers but you do expect the same commitment in return. Intensity is all and relationships that are shallow have no appeal for you, you expect compliments and appreciation from those around you and are quite capable of reacting violently to criticism or frustration of your behaviour and desires. This moody tempestuousness needs to be controlled if you are to show more sympathy and win greater popularity from others.

Sex drive.

Your moods are unpredictable and this produces an unreliable temperament that complicates your love life although you are more suited than most to controlling your sex drive when you want to. You are tireless and determined in your pursuit of your passions and can win the affection of those who interest you through sheer doggedness. Your sex drive is always there and you are capable of keeping going long after others have fallen by the roadside but even your constitution can be weakened by over self indulgence. Your sheer energy makes you an interesting partner for you can bring all your powers into play in the sex act and be an excellent lover, with self control helping you along the way to sexual fulfilment.

Your relations can be either extremely happy or the reverse even with the same person, for there is a part of you that is inclined to go to extremes in any relationship. When in love you are able to give utter devotion to your mate and lose the temptation to stray.

You are likely to stray on occasion to seek out sexual adventure but are well able to separate out this from your domestic life which is kept in a completely different compartment.