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The great ringed planet is the taskmaster of the astrological chart. It tells us to shape up and take some responsibility. It is the planet of kharma, and of life lessons to be learned. It will discipline us until we are able to exercise self discipline.

Balancing Jupiter’s good luck, Saturn is often known as the “bearer of misfortune”, for it will correct us and deprive us of the illusions and false values we hold in our lives, burning them away to reveal the truth of one’s self.

Saturn is the Guardian of the threshold between this world and the next, between the phsyical and the spiritual planes of existence.

Through Saturn, we will get what we deserve. Whether we like it or not!

Deities associated with Saturn

Deity Pantheon Element
Arawn – God of the Underworld Celtic Earth
Bran the Blessed – God of Prophecy Celtic Air
Cassiel – Angel of Temperance Angelic Earth
Dagda – The Good God Celtic Spirit
El – Cronus Canaanite Spirit
Nammu – Goddess of the Primeval Sea Sumerian Water
Osiris – God of Life and Death Egyptian Spirit
Ptah – Creator Egyptian Fire
Rhea/Cybele – Earth Goddess Olympian Earth
Saturn/Kronos – God of Agriculture Olympian Spirit
Set – God of Chaos Egyptian Air
Star Goddess – The Black Virgin of the Outer Dark Faery Spirit