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Sagittarius – The Archer

(November 22–December 21)

Planet: Jupiter
Element: Fire
Incense: Wood-Aloe
Cross: Mutable
Weekday: Thursday
Colors: Lilac, mauve, purple, indigo, goldred
Metal: Tin
Age Sagittarius controls: 35-42 years
Crystals: Sapphire, amethyst, topaz
Flowers: Carnation, sage
Tree: Mulberry, vine, chestnut Birds: Eagle, peacock
Body Area: liver, hips and thighs
Archangel: Adnakhiel
Watchword: Wisdom


You are nothing if not honest and straightforward in your
approach to life and seek to achieve your goals directly.
The key phrase to describe your outlook is – I see – since
your perceptions of people and events and trends are likely
to have an almost prophetic accuracy to them. You appear to
to attract good fortune in life, generally the result of
a genuine concern for others although you are incapable of
not revealing your true thoughts. You tend to be well aware
of what it is possible to do within the constraints of
society but you have a love of freedom, both physical
roaming and the freedom to explore new ideas and philosophies.
While you are generous to friends, you can be implacable with
enemies and know how to shoot to wound. In anxiety states you
can become depressed since you much prefer a jovial approach
to life and wish to learn through experience and adventure
rather than towing the line. You want to be respected for
your achievements especially in the creative area.

Friends and lovers.

You value honesty in relationships both for yourself and for
others and this includes being given freedom, a vital
consideration for you. You choose your friends but not your
lovers on impulse and are likely to gather a very
diverse collection of people around you. You do have a
tendency to not see these friendships through, for if you
find you have lost interest you are unable to hold back
your honest estimation of the situation. Although
fundamentally serious there is nothing you like more than
fun and laughter when in company which makes you a great
friend once others have come up to your very high standards.
Unwise hasty affairs are likely to characterise your early
love life and it is only when you learn to take people and
lovers on their own terms rather than your rather unrealistic
ones that you will function on a more carefree level. You
steer clear of jealousy and possessiveness realising it
can interfere with your precious freedom when applied to you.
For the same reason you are unlikely to get married early,
variety of experience and romances is important to you until
you find the elusive right one.

Sex drive.

Yours is a healthy outdoor kind of approach to sexual
expression and you will start off seeing sexual freedom as
as very important to you but most Sagittarians do
eventually settle down after a rather chequered love life
in youth. You are likely to be both sensual and flirtatious
and seeking out a variety of partners, this can be taken
to excess where free love and dislike of any restraint
combines with a search for infinite sexual variety in
sex partners and sex positions. However you are worried by
what people say and think about you which provides some
check on your quest for sexual gratification. Part of you
seeks sensual experience for its own sake while the other
half seeks uplifting experiences for the mind. The ideal
partner you believe you are looking for will have to
provide you with both.