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Libra – The Scales

(September 23–October 22)

Planet: Venus
Element: Air
Incense: Galbanum
Cross: Cardinal
Weekday: Friday
Colors: Royal blue, cerulean, green, black
Metal: Copper
Age Libra controls: 14-21 years
Crystals: Opal, lapis lazuli, beryl, sapphire
Flowers: Violet, white rose
Tree: Almond, walnut, plum, myrtle Birds: Dove, swan, sparrow
Body Area: kidneys, lower back, adrenal glands and ovaries
Archangel: Zuriel
Watchword: Partners


You are under the rulership of the planet Venus and have an instinctive grace and charm, proportion and harmony, a phrase to describe you is – I balance – since you seek to reconcile differences and wish for both approval and popularity, however you are loath to compromise your principles having an awareness that this could bring about your downfall. There is a strong sense of justice and fair play within you so that you are likely to take on the defence of the underdog. You seek to work in co-operation with others and are very concerned to form companionships and partnerships since you find it hard to work in isolation once you have conceived and initiated projects. Your leaning is to taking action on your perceptions.

You are likely to work conscientiously once past the age of early youth, 29, and are interested in new ideas and mental stimulus since you are intellectually inclined as well as being drawn to the arts, public relations, psychology the law, beauty and fashion. Good taste is important to you and you will go out of your way to avoid disharmony in both surroundings and companions. You rarely let your anger get the better of you but when you do explode nothing is left unsaid as you purge your soul and seek to regain emotional equilibrium, at least these flashes of rage soon pass like a tropic storm having shaken everything in its path.

Friends and lovers.

Behind the apparent detached approach you bring to relationships beats a romantic heart that excels all other star signs in the quality of loving that you can provide your partner. You rarely surrender yourself completely to another but are an expert in love matters, with considerable passion and care for the loved one. You revel in social settings but your very friendliness with associates belies the fact that you let very few into your intimate circle. You are quick to anger but let the storm blow itself out just as quickly. You hate to hurt others and prefer to avoid doing or saying anything that will upset the harmony in a relationship. You are well regarded in your social set because people sense your innate regard for honesty and courtesy, while you really enjoy being with your friends and colleagues. With lovers you can be voluptuous, seeking to raise the level of the relationship to one of art with your delicate touches, you are great company to be with and extend the hand of sympathy as well as love to keep things on your desired plane, in fact you find it easier to give than to take in a relationship.

Sex drive.

You are likely to be too idealistic in your search for the perfect partner, seeking a concept rather than the reality of a person with their foibles. You would rather not know about unpleasant realities and are quite capable of being taken in by flattery. If this search for perfection is taken to extremes you could become isolated and frustrated, only getting involved later in life with someone else. Yet you have a great desire for companionship and partnership, for you value sympathy and understanding above all else. Underneath your charm and ideals you can strike others as preoccupied and selfish since you prefer to ignore any unpleasant home truths and can leave your partner feeling uncared for, or their needs not taken care of. You love nothing more than the rituals of love, the chase, the catch, the courting, the preliminaries and even where you know someone well there will be a gradual build up to the sex act, with flirtations and suggestions all along the way until you have them under your spell. Sexual satisfaction will only come when you learn not to measure out your affections according to the response for this can produce a sense of everything being too ordered and predictable. Give your imagination greater play and you are the most interesting lover in the zodiac!

If you are a man, you find it very hard to resist female interest and wiles and are wide open to flattery from them. You thrive on the boost to your ego. Women are often happy to provide it.

Female Librans are happy to play the field and enjoy the chase, they are in no hurry to settle down, preferring to continue looking for Mr Right.