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Leo – The Lion

(July 23–August 22)

Planet: Sun
Element: Fire
Incense: Olibanum
Cross: Fixed
Weekday: Sunday
Colors: Gold, yellow, blood red, green
Metal: Gold
Age Leo controls: All stages of life
Crystals: Amber, ruby, diamond
Flowers: Marigold, sunflower, hops
Tree: Willow Birds: Peacock, cock, eagle
Body Area: Back
Archangel: Verkhiel
Watchword: Creativity


You are most concerned with expressing yourself and gaining approval and admiration, a key phrase for you is – I will – since you are determined to show your power to the world. You want to shine forth and be in the spotlight even as you treat others in a generous way. You are likely to find fortune finds you out and offers you a chance to be at the centre even when you feel trapped or in obscurity. You have a strong urge to create, both children and thoughts and projects so that you give of yourself to bring this about. In love you are ruled by the heart and follow your desires, there is a strong attraction to the opposite sex. With money you seek it as a means to achieve your goals and for you the means justifies the end as long as it meets your own approval though not necessarily that of society. You can be recklessly brave and are liable to be over frank or outspoken which will lose you friends and bring about disagreements where you will not give ground, you only concede where you will not lose face. Your seek a noble role and power which makes you glow and you will do whatever is required to show you are worthy of holding responsibility. You express pride in the way you move, act, dress and think but if you do not achieve the authority you seek you can become lazy, sulky and unpredictable.

Friends and lovers.

You have the ability to enjoy friends and lovers for a lifetime, a handshake means what it says to you, and a romance can last just as long once you are committed, for once you fall for someone there are no half measures, you give all and you expect all, you take love seriously and your natural dignity prevents you indulging in mere flirtation, there is your need for affection but you are capable of giving just as much back in return. Though you know many people and love to mix there is still a part of you which stands aloof and keeps you standing out from the crowd, you get along with them but you tend to follow the formalities when it comes to friendship. In love no such reticence occurs, you are loyal, trustworthy and capable of producing an intense relationship where there is a subtle glow at work.

Sex drive.

You love with a fierce devotion, setting your love on a pedastal from which they are likely to fall when they fail to measure up to the role you have allocated for them. You like to call the shots in bed, or wherever you decide the sex should take place, part of your wish to appear lordly and commanding, but you give both protection and generous amounts of yourself in love, you want to be admired and respected. You are by far the most romantic and passionate of signs when you have discovered someone you consider worthy of your loyalty. In early life you may be less fortunate in love through impetuous affairs but when you find the right person you can make them feel they are really special while having sex through the royal attention you lavish on them.