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The planet of good fortune and success, Jupiter is one of the two gas giants in our solar system (Saturn being the other). Where Saturn is restrictive, Jupiter is expansive. It is generous and warm where Saturn is cold and inhibited.

Jupiter is our higher intellect, our mental development. Jupiter precipitates the ideas that Mercury disseminates and Mars acts upon. Positive aspects between these three planets make for a person that will have no dificulty turning ideas into action. If it is positively aspected with the Moon, Venus or Saturn it can lead to Material wealth. Jupiter presides of the Law and religion, and as such a strongly aspected Jupiter may lead a person to choose a profession in one of these fields.

A poorly aligned Jupiter can turn success into extravagance, wastefulness, and blind optimism.

Deities associated with Jupiter

Deity Pantheon Element
Amon – God of Wind, Fertility and Secrets Egyptian Air
Enlil – God of Air Sumerian Air
Nuada – Silver Hand Celtic Air
Sachiel/Sahaqiel – The Covering of God Angelic Water
Thor – God of Thunder Norse Air
Winter King – The Dark Lord Faery Air
Zeus/Jupiter – Father of Gods and Mortals Olympian Air