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Original meaning: Harvest
Ending and renewal. A change bringing future growth. Events will unfurl at their own pace.

The rune gear is the rune of the harvest, the reaping of one’s labors. It is also a rune of divine aid or the cooperation from the forces of nature. It is the marriage of the sky and the earth, the rains and the soil that along with Man’s labors brings about fruits from the soil. This line of thought goes beyond mere agriculture however, and can be applied to nearly any undertaking in life, a project at work, a relationship leading to marriage, the birth of a child. On an esoteric level, Gear represents the completion of a project and the labor that went into it. It also represents the cycles of nature, and reflects the cycles we go through to accomplish great deeds. Gear can reflect gradual growth or change, development of something from beginning to end in a slow process.

G??ar also reflects the natural cycles of Wyrd, the laws of Wyrd that governs the growth of plant life, the endless cycle of death in the fall and rebirth in the spring. The lesson of Gear is that no state is eternal, the world is ever changing, and there is no set uniform universe, only the uniform laws of cyclical change that govern it.

In divination,Gear can indicate a project is about to come to fruition, or that it may take a cycle to complete. In spellwork it can be used to reap the benefits of hard labor.

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