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Original meaning: Change
Changes. Newcomers. Animals and movement are favored. Travel is indicated, perhaps relocation. Your instincts are correct regarding the situation.

Eh is another rune of movement, but unlike R??dd, the concern is the vehicle of movement, the war horse and all the symbolism surrounding it. Eh is a rune of motion, pride, joy, and confidence. It is the rune of pleasurable journeys. It is also a rune of cooperation like that between horse and rider. Some therefore see it as symbolic of marriage though the usual rune associated with that institution is Giefu. Eh can be symbolic of the fetch, one’s guardian spirit. In folklore the fetch often appears as a horse. And the fetch often aids the spellcaster on his or her journey.

Eh, like Wynn is a rune of harmony, of two things or people working together on a journey to achieve a common goal. This harmony includes working with others, pride in one’s partner, and communication. It is a rune of comfort, the creation of the contentness. It draws forth imagery of the road trip, a trip taken for the mere pleasure of it to quell restless feelings. Most of all, Eh is the ability to set forth on such a journey, it is the vehicle for travel. Eh is one of the runes linked to nobility, the others being C??n, T??r, and ??thel.

In divination, eh may refer to a period of cooperation, it can indicate marriage, but rarely one in the making. In addition, it can indicate a pleasurable journey or a period of well being. In spellwork, it can be used to contact one’s fetch or to ensure cooperation.

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