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Original meaning: Fire
Celebration. Love and success are strongly indicated. Great health and recovery from illness. Good things may be about to happen for you.

Cen is the rune of fire. Its Anglo-Saxon name means torch and the rune is therefore linked to all aspects of fire. Fire was seen by the ancient Northern Europeans as having warding and healing qualities. Food was passed over fire to bless it and cattle driven through the smoke of need fire to drive off pests and disease. In Medieval times, European nobles burned candles in their bedrooms at night to keep away evil spirits. Thus Cen is a rune of warding and defense, not to mention one of blessing. It is the opponent of disease and evil. It was also fire that sent such warriors as Beowulf off to the realms of the gods. This was the fire of cremation, which KveldolfR Gundarsson sees as a primary aspect of Cen (Gundarsson, Teutonic Magic, page 61).

It is also the rune of creation, the blacksmith’s fire, and here it hold’s much in common with the rune feoh. As symbolic of the blacksmith’s fire, Cen governs many of the creative energies of the artist and worker. While Os is the rune of divine inspiration, Cen is the raw energy needed to complete a task, the blood, sweat, and tears. Cen is also the rune of passion of flaming desire. And is Cen also controls many of the negative aspects of fire, its destructive qualities.

In divination, Cen can mean a need to be creative, to generate the energy needed to ensure one’s health. It can also indicate passions and desires. In spellwork it can be used as a rune of warding, or to set off creative energies.

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