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Capricorn – The Goat

(December 22–January 19)

Planet: Saturn
Element: Earth
Incense: Musk, Civet
Cross: Cardinal
Weekday: Saturday
Colors: Black, Grey, violet, red, brown
Metal: Lead
Age Capricorn controls: 42-49 years
Crystals: Onyx, jet, garnet, opal
Flowers: Nightshade, rue, snowdrop
Tree: Pine, cypress, yew, spruce Birds: Owl, falcon
Body Area: knees, joints, teeth and skeleton
Archangel: Hanael
Watchword: Achievement


You believe that you must make something of yourself in life and this includes achieving security on a material level so that a key phrase to describe you is – I use – since you want to progress and reach a commanding position or goal. Everything you see or hear or find out from keeping up with practical affairs is turned to your advantage as you seek step by step to rise upwards in life, gain financial reward and provide for old age where you are concerned to be independent. You have great belief in your own ability and will proceed methodically along your chosen path using neatness and method to improve efficiency while no problem will prove insurmountable to your ingenious mind at work. You prove you can handle responsibility when it is given to you and will have few qualms stepping over bodies on your way to the top. You never step backwards, you are serious when young, more youthful when old, you embody what is known as common sense in your approach and have an instinctive understanding of the ways of the world. On occasions, melancholy and loneliness will assail you since part of you says that it is a dog eat dog world but you do actually value the good opinion of others and are more sensitive than any would guess from your your manner.

Friends and lovers.

You may be slow to make friends but you are even slower to give them up for you value constancy and your own investment in cultivating a bond. Reserve comes naturally to you for you are afraid of being hurt and relate to people anyway more on an intellectual than emotional level. You put your career and worldly progress on at least a par with your emotional life and would prefer if the two could be combined in relationships so that you benefit from the association in progressing your worldly aims. Once you do decide on a friendship or relationship you will invest all you have in it and it can easily be for life, so that if it is broken up you will feel that it has been stolen from you rather than simply seeing it as an emotional upset. It is difficult for you to show your feelings and your emotions but this does not mean you do not have them. You are willing to make great sacrifices to preserve and keep what you have.

Sex drive.

You may not have a strong sex drive but are well capable of fulfilling what you consider your obligations to others in bed, even if you view it with a certain amount of detachment. You are also quite capable of having sex simply for the sake of it with cool disregard for any emotional factors in the act. There is always some confusion in your choice of partners since even where sex is concerned you expect to be able to benefit materially in some way and this can set up discord within yourself until you are clearer about what it is you seek from a relationship. You do not confuse lust with love and are realistic in seeing that sometimes you are simply responding to the animal lure of attraction. Even if you stray in a relationship you will not consider this affects it since you can compartmentalise your life and think you are being faithful according to your lights.

If you are a male, you will consider satisfaction of your sexual urges a natural activity and various sexual affairs may take place while you remain in a steady relationship, when it comes to sex you can be quite cold blooded in satisfying your urges.

Females are quite happy to exploit their sex appeal for gain in varous subtle ways, and can be similarly detach sex from love.