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Review of Rupert’s Tales : Learning Magick

When I was first approached about reviewing Rupert’s Tales : Learning Magick by accomplished author Kyrja, I jumped at the chance. My family loves Rupert the Rabbit, and follow some of his adventures on the Friends of Rupert facebook page. Our family is a mixture of ever evolving beliefs so finding a series that everyone liked was a huge plus. The kids can relate to the children in the books, often surprised that others have the same questions and emotions as themselves. As early readers, making connections is a big deal and Kyrja facilitates this so well. Tonia Bennington Osborn is such a talented artist and lends her extraordinary talent to Rupert bringing his world into the imaginations of children of many ages.

In the first half of Rupert’s Tales: Learning Magick, Rupert learns about the tools of the craft when he happens upon a interesting group of people. What little Rupert hears and sees intrigues him so much as the youngsters in the group talk about these tools. A few of the tools kids will learn about with Rupert include the Athame, Candles, Wands and the Bell. We learn about the elemental association of the elements and are introduced to Intention. A theme carried over in the second half of the book as well. I truly enjoyed the emphasis on what’s inside each of us being the most important part of any ritual or magickal practice.

Written by Kyrja Illustrated by Tonia Bennington Osborn
Written by Kyrja
Illustrated by Tonia Bennington Osborn

In the second half, we follow Rupert as he listens to a pair of friends and learns about the importance of intention and imagination in magick. A young boy questions his ability to perform magick, in this case, in the form of casting a circle or Bubble. Kids learn about insecurities and how to overcome those fears. He learns to trust not only himself but also his friend. She learns how to be a good mentor which is very important in circles with children of varying ages. It teaches leadership skills and compassion for others. Rupert also finds his own boundaries such as not being ready experience being inside a Sacred Circle. All while doing a bit of sympathetic magick himself.

My trio of witchlets absolutely love Rupert and his adventures . They are 8, 6 and 2 years old and each one had their favorite part. My youngest, loved the pictures of Rupert, who he called Bun Bun; and the baby in the sling, who he had to give kisses to while we read! My girls were so happy to read a book about kids learning magick; seeing other kids ask questions they’ve had, while enticing the to think about the same things from a different perspective. What they saw was a family and close friends hold a learning circle, just like they have. My eldest says that book was fun to read because it was it is easy to read to her brother and sister and Rupert is so cute.

Personally, Rupert won my heart over with his gentle curiosity. I really love and appreciate the flow of both stories. Kyrja is so good at conveying imagery through wands , which is amplified by Tonia Bennington Osborn’s beautiful illustrations. Together they created magick with charming addition to the library of any magickal child. We have already chosen our next adventure with Rupert. I highly recommend Rupert’s Tales for childrens circle reading material, it is very informative and of course.. Rupert is the best!

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