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Original meaning: Birth
New beginnings. Good news coming. A period of growth and fertility. Perhaps news of a child, or new arrival. Be careful and attentive to important issues at this time. Begin at once any projects you have been procrastinating over.

The rune Beorc represents motherhood and productivity. Where ??oh, the yew is a rune of death, Beorc is a rune of new birth. Many runesters interpret this rune as symbolizing the barren mother, but this is largely due to the vagueness of the words used in the Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem which many take to describe a poplar. However, a slightly different translation reveals the verse to describe the birch we know. Birch was used in Maypoles, and its leaves in bridal arrangements which mat indicate the rune is one of new birth. Beorc can indicate new birth or rebirth, a time of beauty and transcendence to almost the divine. Its qualities are those of spring, of flowers blooming forth, of young maidens in the spring atT??re. A few runesters interpret this rune as one of the barren mother, but this is not so, for the symbolism of the tree itself is strongly linked to springtime festivities. It is a rune of fertility, birth, and motherhood.

Beorc is also a rune of protection, in Medieval Europe birch twigs were used to drive away evil spirits and twigs of it hung over door ways. This protection is that of the loving mother or sister or lover. The feeling of safety a child gets when it lays its head on its mother’s bosom. It is also a rune of healing as it can be linked to the profession of mid wife, mid wives having been some of the best healers in ancient Europe.

In divination, Beorc may mean new growth, a time when motherly tenderness is called for. In spellwork, it can be used to ensure the safety of a child or adult, to promote new growth or healing.

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