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Aries – The Ram

(March 21–April 19)

Planet: Mars
Element: Fire
Incense: Dragons Blood
Cross: Cardinal
Weekday: Tuesday
Colors: Red, white or pink
Metal: Iron
Age Aries controls: 28-35 years
Crystals: Ruby, bloodstone, diamond, garnet
Flowers: Thistle, wild rose, woodbine
Tree: Holly, thorn, chestnut Birds: Magpie, robin
Body Area: Head, Brain and face
Archangel: Malkhidael
Watchword: Appearance


Your whole being is inclined towards action rather than thought, the key phrase to describe you is – I am – and you are impatient to explore your potentials. So much so that advice will be ignored, hasty and impulsive action is more likely with the result that you can get into scrapes feel a need to prove yourself to yourself and desire to be at the head of whatever you involve yourself with. You seek fame and recognition more than wealth and material comfort and are actually fitted for a leadership role once you curb your tendency to over preoccupation with yourself and take others into account in your plans. A strong competitiveness combines with the ability to bounce back from defeat in you but you can use aggression and force instead of diplomacy in gaining your objectives. You will learn lessons from thinking about the overall consequences of your actions and learning to relate and co-operate with others.

Friends and lovers.

For you it is all or nothing in friendships and other romantic involvements. First of all you look for sincerity in another and once you are sure of this and your own feelings you are likely to plunge right in, holding back little, for you relationships have to be warm and mutual. You can prove a little over powering for some people because of this lack of reticence, you come on strong and fast and there is a good possibility that others will find you rude when you jump into a conversation and generally try to put your oar in. You can also misinterpret a sign of friendliness for a come on and reveal your feelings plainly and directly when the other person may not be ready for this fast lane approach to a relationship. You explode with feelings rather than gradually developing them. Be sure before you reveal your hand that the other person is ready for it.

Sex drive.

With the sun in Aries a person likes to express their passionate sexual nature which is as fiery as the sun. You will love wildly, fiercely and emotionally even though this burning passion can just as soon subside as it flares. Then the flames can once again be rekindled, but not for a long time, Aries is likely to have impetuous love affairs and marriages and these can break up just as suddenly. Because Aries thinks along the lines of self centered behavior there can be relations where it is entirely physical without much feeling at all, this strong ego dominated behavior together with unreliability is likely to produce unsatisfactory temporary relationships. You will obtain greater sexual satisfaction and gratification by learning more about the wishes of your partner so that you share in the sex act. To achieve this two way relationship it requires the Aries person to control and check their fire and become less self orientated.