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The planet of good fortune and success, Jupiter is one of the two gas giants in our solar system (Saturn being the other). Where Saturn is restrictive, Jupiter is expansive. It is generous and warm where Saturn is cold and inhibited.

Jupiter is our higher intellect, our mental development. Jupiter precipitates the ideas that Mercury disseminates and Mars acts upon. Positive aspects between these three planets make for a person that will have no dificulty turning ideas into action. If it is positively aspected with the Moon, Venus or Saturn it can lead to Material wealth. Jupiter presides of the Law and religion, and as such a strongly aspected Jupiter may lead a person to choose a profession in one of these fields.

A poorly aligned Jupiter can turn success into extravagance, wastefulness, and blind optimism.

Deities associated with Jupiter

Deity Pantheon Element
Amon – God of Wind, Fertility and Secrets Egyptian Air
Enlil – God of Air Sumerian Air
Nuada – Silver Hand Celtic Air
Sachiel/Sahaqiel – The Covering of God Angelic Water
Thor – God of Thunder Norse Air
Winter King – The Dark Lord Faery Air
Zeus/Jupiter – Father of Gods and Mortals Olympian Air


Mars is action, dynamism, intensity. Action, now, dammit! It is the pioneering spirit, the courage and strength to persevere, and it is also War, and Mars has a reputation as the planet of conflict.

Mars plays Male to the Venus feminine side. Where Venus brings together, Mars pulls apart. A good relationship between these two planets can lead to positive dynamism. If Mars dominates Venus, this can manifest as exaggerated ego and a thirst for power.

Too little Mars in a horoscope can lead to difficulties and fear when faced with life’s challenges.

The individual influence of Mars, like Mercury, is neither good or bad. It is the situation that surrounds it that determines how it will act. But it will act!

Deities associated with Mars

Deity Pantheon Element
Ares/Mars – God of War Olympian Fire
Blue God – Light of the World Faery Fire
Gwynn ap Nudd – King of the Faeries and the Underworld Celtic Fire
Horus – Lord of the Sky Egyptian Fire
Oghma – Honey-mouthed Celtic Fire
Samael – Angel of Poison Angelic Fire
Surtur – Lord of the Fire Giants Norse Fire
Tyr – God of Courage and Strategy Norse Fire


Mercury (Hermes) was the messenger of the Gods. He spread the news, regardless of whether it was good or bad. All that was important was that the message was delivered.

Mercury shows how we communicate with others, be it verbally, spiritually, intellectually or economically. Mercury is the planet of trade, commerce, intellect and wit. It is Mercury’s qualities of understanding, wit and agile thought and speech that separate people from animals.

Because of its close proximity to the Sun (it travels around it in only 88 days) it is common to find Mercury in the same sign as the Sun Sugn.

When Mercury is poorly aspected, it can lead to a tendency to gossip, over honesty and restlessness.

Mercury has an unreliable quality that likes to operate independently of others. Mercurians are usually fond of practical jokes, and like to trick people into revealing their foolishness.

Deities associated with Mercury

Deity Pantheon Element
Anubis – Judge of the Dead Egyptian Earth
Cernunnos – Herne the Hunter Celtic Earth
Enki – God of The Sweet Waters Sumerian Air
Hag – Queen of the Dead Faery Earth
Hecate/Carmenta – Goddess of the Crossroads Olympian Earth
Hel – Goddess of Death and the Underworld Norse Earth
Hermes/Mercury – Messenger of the Gods Olympian Air
Lugh – Lugh of the Long Arm Celtic Air
Maat – Goddess of Truth and Order Egyptian Air
Morrigan – Supreme War Goddess Celtic Water
Nike – Goddess of Victory Olympian Air
Odin – The All Father Norse Air
Raphael – Angelic Air


Neptune is the Ocean of Emotion. It is the second harmonic aspect of the Moon (Uranus being the first). Neptune is the muse, inspiration and abstraction.

It is unconditional love and selfless giving. If poorly aspected however, it can manifest as daydreaming, escapism and addiction.

The Occult, mystery, writing and the arts are all influenced by Netpune.

Deities associated with Neptune

Deity Pantheon Element
Dylan – God of the Sea Celtic Water
Llyr – God of the Sea Celtic Water
Njord – God of the Sea and Winds Norse Water
Poseidon/Neptune – God of the Sea Olympian Water


Just as Neptune and Uranus echo and enhance the Moon’s influences, Pluto enhances the activity and destructiveness of Mars.

Where Mars breaks apart, Pluto changes completely. It is raw power and total destruction. With it’s long circuit around the Sun (250 years), Pluto’s influences are felt generationally, bringing peace during its positive aspects, war and obliteration during negative conjunctions.

Pluto is the end, but also the beginning. Pluto will provide the destruction neccesary for renewed growth when situations warrant it.

Deities associated with Pluto

Deity Pantheon Element
Don – Queen of the Heavens Celtic Water
Hades/Pluto – God of the Underworld Olympian Fire
Hag – Queen of the Dead Faery Earth
Hel – Goddess of Death and the Underworld Norse Earth
Osiris – God of Life and Death Egyptian Spirit
Persephone – Queen of the Underworld Olympian Earth
Scathach – She who strikes Fear Celtic Water


The great ringed planet is the taskmaster of the astrological chart. It tells us to shape up and take some responsibility. It is the planet of kharma, and of life lessons to be learned. It will discipline us until we are able to exercise self discipline.

Balancing Jupiter’s good luck, Saturn is often known as the “bearer of misfortune”, for it will correct us and deprive us of the illusions and false values we hold in our lives, burning them away to reveal the truth of one’s self.

Saturn is the Guardian of the threshold between this world and the next, between the phsyical and the spiritual planes of existence.

Through Saturn, we will get what we deserve. Whether we like it or not!

Deities associated with Saturn

Deity Pantheon Element
Arawn – God of the Underworld Celtic Earth
Bran the Blessed – God of Prophecy Celtic Air
Cassiel – Angel of Temperance Angelic Earth
Dagda – The Good God Celtic Spirit
El – Cronus Canaanite Spirit
Nammu – Goddess of the Primeval Sea Sumerian Water
Osiris – God of Life and Death Egyptian Spirit
Ptah – Creator Egyptian Fire
Rhea/Cybele – Earth Goddess Olympian Earth
Saturn/Kronos – God of Agriculture Olympian Spirit
Set – God of Chaos Egyptian Air
Star Goddess – The Black Virgin of the Outer Dark Faery Spirit

The Moon (Luna)

The Moon (Luna) is paired with the Sun. It lights the night, as the Sun lights the day.

The Moon is the planet of the subconscious mind. Its is our intuition, our empathy, our instinct. The Moon rules our dreams and our emotions.

It is also the planet of fertility and our feelings. It is the planet of our very soul. The astrological relationship between the Sun and Moon determines how well our actions and emotions are harmonized.

The Moon gives us our sense of humor, and our sense of security. Mother stands for comfort, and the Moon is our motherly side. If the moon is overly strong, we can appear too domineering. If it is poorly aspected, we may appear weak and passive.

With the gravitational pull it exerts upon the Earth, the moon gives us our tides, the cycles of nature and influences the growth of all life on the planet.

Deities associated with Moon

Deity Pantheon Element
Aegir – God of the Oceans Norse Water
Arianrhod – Goddess of Reincarnation Celtic Air
Artemis/Diana – Lady of the Lake, The Huntress Olympian Earth
Athena/Minerva – Goddess of Civilization Olympian Air
Athirat – The Lady of the Sea Canaanite Water
Attis – God of Vegetation Olympian Earth
Bast – Goddess of Cats, Lady of Light Egyptian Fire
Blodeuwedd – Ninefold Goddess Celtic Water
Boann – Goddess of the River Boyne Celtic Water
Cerridwen – Moon Goddess Celtic Earth
Crone – The Triple Goddess (crone) Celtic Earth
Dagon – Small Fish Canaanite Water
Eastre – Goddess of Spring Norse Earth
Elaine – The Triple Goddess (Maiden) Celtic Water
Frigg/Frigga – Queen of the Gods Norse Water
Gabriel – Angelic Water
Great Mother – Diana Faery Water
Hecate/Carmenta – Goddess of the Crossroads Olympian Earth
Hera/Juno – Goddess of Marriage Olympian Earth
Hermaphroditus – Greek Water
Idunna – Goddess of Innocence Norse Earth
Isis – Goddess of Fertility Egyptian Water
Luna/Celene – The Moon Goddess Olympian Water
Macha – Triple Goddess (Mother) Celtic Earth
Manannan mac Lir – Lord of Mists Celtic Water
Merlin – The Great Sorceror Celtic Air
Morrigan – Supreme War Goddess Celtic Water
Nephthys – Protector of the Dead Egyptian Earth
Ninhursag – Goddess of the Earth Sumerian Earth
Nyx/Nox – Goddess of the Night Olympian Water
Persephone – Queen of the Underworld Olympian Earth
Rhiannon – Goddess of Birds and Horses Celtic Earth
Sirtur – Goddess of Sheep Sumerian Earth
Thoth – God of Knowledge Egyptian Air

The Sun

It is the brightest object in the sky. It has been worshipped throughout human history. When someone asks ‘What sign are you?’ they’re talking about your sun sign. The sign the Sun was in when you were born. Interestingly enough, the idea that the Sun sign is the most important is a 20th century attitude. Prior to that, the Ascendant (the sign rising in the sky when you were born) was considered your primary sign.

The Sun (also referred to as Sol) is the conscious self. It is who we think we are. It is our identity, and our life energy. As the Sun lies at the center of our solar system, a strong aspect with this body can lead to an individual being self-centered, desiring to always be the center of attention.

The Sun lights our day, and so is associated with our waking mind. The moon is associated with the night and our subconsciousness. Without a balancing moon influence, the Sun can be harsh in nature, and fiery in temper.

Strong astrological Sun aspects indicate strength, courage and self realization. Your Sun sign is your true colors – that you display to the world every day.

Deities associated with Sun

Deity Pantheon Element
An – God of Heaven Sumerian Fire
Angus Mac Og – God of Love Celtic Fire
Apollo – Musician of the Gods Olympian Fire
Baal – Helios Canaanite Fire
Balder – God of light Norse Fire
Bel – Sun and Fire God Celtic Fire
Creiddylad – Goddess of Summer and Flowers Celtic Fire
Frey – God of Sunlight Norse Fire
Harvest Lord – Corn King Faery Fire
Michael – Angelic Fire
Odur – God of the Sun Norse Fire
Ra – Re-Horakhty – The Sun God Egyptian Fire
Sekhmet – The Mighty One Egyptian Fire


Astrologically, two influences of the moon, where Luna’s orbit touches the eliptic, were called Capus Dracona and Cauda Dracona (The head and tail of the Dragon).

Uranus and Neptune have in recent times been assigned those influences.

Uranus is the tail (Cauda) of the Dragon. It rules over our sixth sense and our intuition as a harmonic of the moon. It heightens and extends the moons effect in these areas.

It is the planet of originality, eccentricity and destruction of old concepts.In many ways, its influence is like that of Mercury, acting as channel of communication for the unconscious mind.

Deities associated with Uranus

Deity Pantheon Element
Pan – God of Nature, Olympian Earth


The Goddess of romantic love, friendship, music and feminity. Venus is also often known as the planet of good fortune – a trait it shares with Jupiter.

Venus is also the planet of inspiration, and Venusians make great mediators, since they are sympathetic to others viewpoints and emotions.

A strong Venus aspect in a chart usually represents physical attractiveness, and an easy ability to enter into relationships.

A poorly aspected Venus can lead to difficulties in handling love and emotion. Venus also gives us our appreciation of the arts, culture and entertainment.

Deities associated with Venus

Deity Pantheon Element
Aphrodite/Venus – Goddess of Love Olympian Water
Asherah – Goddess of Love Canaanite Fire
Auriel/Uriel – Archangel Angelic Earth
Bes – God of Luck Egyptian Water
Branwen – Goddess of Love and Beauty Celtic Water
Brighid – Goddess of Fire, Healing and Smithcraft Celtic Fire,Water
Corn Maiden – The Spring Queen Faery Water
Dionysus/Bacchus – God of the Vine Olympian Water
Eros/Cupid – God of Love Olympian Fire
Freya – Goddess of Love and Fertility Norse Water
Hathor – The Sky Goddess Egyptian Water
Hestia/Vesta – The Virgin Olympian Fire
Inanna/Ishtar – Queen of the Sky Sumerian Air
Ninlil – Goddess of Grain Sumerian Earth