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Aries – The Ram

(March 21–April 19)

Planet: Mars
Element: Fire
Incense: Dragons Blood
Cross: Cardinal
Weekday: Tuesday
Colors: Red, white or pink
Metal: Iron
Age Aries controls: 28-35 years
Crystals: Ruby, bloodstone, diamond, garnet
Flowers: Thistle, wild rose, woodbine
Tree: Holly, thorn, chestnut Birds: Magpie, robin
Body Area: Head, Brain and face
Archangel: Malkhidael
Watchword: Appearance


Your whole being is inclined towards action rather than thought, the key phrase to describe you is – I am – and you are impatient to explore your potentials. So much so that advice will be ignored, hasty and impulsive action is more likely with the result that you can get into scrapes feel a need to prove yourself to yourself and desire to be at the head of whatever you involve yourself with. You seek fame and recognition more than wealth and material comfort and are actually fitted for a leadership role once you curb your tendency to over preoccupation with yourself and take others into account in your plans. A strong competitiveness combines with the ability to bounce back from defeat in you but you can use aggression and force instead of diplomacy in gaining your objectives. You will learn lessons from thinking about the overall consequences of your actions and learning to relate and co-operate with others.

Friends and lovers.

For you it is all or nothing in friendships and other romantic involvements. First of all you look for sincerity in another and once you are sure of this and your own feelings you are likely to plunge right in, holding back little, for you relationships have to be warm and mutual. You can prove a little over powering for some people because of this lack of reticence, you come on strong and fast and there is a good possibility that others will find you rude when you jump into a conversation and generally try to put your oar in. You can also misinterpret a sign of friendliness for a come on and reveal your feelings plainly and directly when the other person may not be ready for this fast lane approach to a relationship. You explode with feelings rather than gradually developing them. Be sure before you reveal your hand that the other person is ready for it.

Sex drive.

With the sun in Aries a person likes to express their passionate sexual nature which is as fiery as the sun. You will love wildly, fiercely and emotionally even though this burning passion can just as soon subside as it flares. Then the flames can once again be rekindled, but not for a long time, Aries is likely to have impetuous love affairs and marriages and these can break up just as suddenly. Because Aries thinks along the lines of self centered behavior there can be relations where it is entirely physical without much feeling at all, this strong ego dominated behavior together with unreliability is likely to produce unsatisfactory temporary relationships. You will obtain greater sexual satisfaction and gratification by learning more about the wishes of your partner so that you share in the sex act. To achieve this two way relationship it requires the Aries person to control and check their fire and become less self orientated.

Taurus – The Bull

(April 20–May 21)

Planet: Venus
Element: Earth
Incense: Storax
Cross: Fixed
Weekday: Friday
Colors: Blue, green, turquoise, red or yellow
Metal: Copper
Age Taurus controls: 14-21 years
Crystals: Sapphire, Emerald, Turquoise, Jade
Flowers: Violet, wild and red garden rose
Tree: Almond, ash, cherry and myrtle Birds: Magpie, robin
Body Area: Throat and neck
Archangel: Asmodel
Watchword: Aquisition


You seek mastery and power over material things as a way of understanding the spiritual truth of life. The key phrase to describe you is – I have – and you will focus your attentions on gaining the good things of life. Emotional and material security is important to you and you will use all your sense of determination to achieve it. Money is seen as the way for you to possess the fine surroundings and luxuries you desire. Beauty of form attracts you as well as sensual pleasure for you have a highly developed sense of touch. With people you tend to hang back until you have decided whether they will be of use to you. You are emotionally possessive as well as physically acquisitive. You are not concerned with self analysis but are capable of making plans far ahead which you follow to achieve your aims so that success usually is won by sheer determination and effort. No one can turn you from your goals or opinions once your mind is set.

Friends and lovers.

You look for steadfast love and warm affection in a friendship or relationship, which is precisely what you are capable of offering. You look for inner qualities in a partner and do not come to a hasty decision. You make an excellent friend, prepared to be helpful and give advice, your sympathy wins you the approval of others and you are naturally inclined to be loyal. This can go to the extent of being reluctant to break up a partnership even when it is damaging to your own happiness or welfare. You have many acquaintances and friends but once in love you will stick to that person and are in danger of becoming possessive and jealous. You can be very practical in relationships and need to cultivate their idealistic side. Once you have decided on a person you go after them with great determination.

Sex drive.

Yours is a very physical love nature, inclined to the sensual but not for its own sake. You are dependable and union minded for you do not only want sensual relations, you are looking for a partner who can gratify you emotionally when you can become very lusty and the heart of sensuality. The negative side of this is that pure animal feelings can take over and drive you to excess in sexual indulgence without any search for higher expression.

This trait is most often found in the male who can be driven to obtain sex and sensual satisfaction rather as he would satisfy a hunger.

Taureans make love with the body not the mind, you need time to slowly rise in passion and fulfil all your physical needs and those of your mate. You wish to steadily develop the sex act from the prelimanaries. Foreplay is important to you and, with all parts of the body likely to be equally sensitive when aroused, you want to delay the sex act until you are sufficiently stimulated.

Gemini – The Twins

(May 22–June 20)

Planet: Mercury
Element: Air
Incense: Wormwood
Cross: Mutable
Weekday: Wednesday
Colors: White, yellow, silver, pale grey, red or blue
Metal: Mercury
Age Gemini controls: 7-14 years
Crystals: Diamond, jade, agate, topaz
Flowers: Parsley, dill, hazel, fern, iris
Tree: Elder, filbert Birds: Parrot, eagle, finches
Body Area: Shoulders, chest and lungs
Archangel: Ambriel
Watchword: Communication


Yours is a nature that is governed by an insatiable curiosity and your governing phrase is – I think – so that you are hungry for new experiences and place a great value on words, thoughts and concepts which satisfy your urge to classify things. You make a good student with your innate thirst for knowledge but without discipline and training you will develop a butterfly mentality, hopping from person to person, place to place and creating confusion by your refusal to be tied down. You can get depressed when things do not run your way and there is the need to have more than one interest on the go at the same time. You have a lot of nervous energy but if you could keep still and calm you would allow your thoughts and originality more time to blossom and develop. You are drawn to money as a means to obtain freedom and power but there is a tendency for you to waste the money of others though not usually your own. You tend to keep some distance from those around you fearing any kind of binding but this can create a restlessness and and rebelliousness which is hard to bring to heel. You need to learn the lesson that we are all inter related and you must learn co-opearation to obtain your own fulfillment.

Friends and lovers.

You are drawn to the mental stimulus offered by people and like nothing more than being out and about socially where you rarely have problems making new friends, although you are slow to make enemies since you have a natural empathy for good company. You are drawn to active people who use their heads, and succeed in charming them with your ready wit, especially if they share your interests. You are always ready to believe the latest gossip and can lose your friends as easily as you make them through your readiness to pass on these tales, in any case you have little hestitation in ending an association once it no longer interests you. In love too you can easily seek variety and self expression at the expense of getting to know someone deeply for it is not in your nature to give yourself entirely to one friendship or relationship. However, once you meet the right person you can curb your butterfly tendencies and become a faithful and sincere mate. You will still be ruled more by your mind than your emotions, but will value the relationship from an intellectual point of view, you will be quite willing to share responsibility.

Sex drive.

As a Gemini, you have a tendency to take sex lightly, for you have difficulty controlling your will of the wisp nature and seldom plumb the depths of emotional experience, preferring to move with the tide. In reality sex is something you can keep quite cool about, analysing the performance of your partner while engaged in the act for the brain likes to keep active even while the body performs. You are likely to have more than one great love in your life and may marry twice. There is also the likelihood of you carrying on two love affairs at the same time.

Cancer – The Crab

(June 21–July 22)

Planet: Moon
Element: Water
Incense: Onycha
Cross: Cardinal
Weekday: Monday
Colors: Pale blue, silver, pearl, green or brown
Metal: Silver
Age Cancer controls: 7 years
Crystals: Emerald
Flowers: Poppy, white rose, watercress
Tree: Willow Birds: Seagull, owl, white peacock
Body Area: Breasts, stomach and chest
Archangel: Muriel
Watchword: Security


You are the most sensitive sign in the Zodiac so that the the key phrase to describe you is – I feel – and you care above all for your own domestic comfort and security. You are unlikely to feel complete until you have a family which you can protect and nurture. Underneath your tough exterior lies extreme sensitivity, fear of ridicule and the capacity for holding grudges although once you are committed to a relationship you will continue loving a person even when you receive hurt from it. You are prepared to go to any lengths to obtain your own security and are reluctant to take risks with money but your emotional complexity means that few will understand you as you switch from jolliness to melancholy, when you are hurt you become difficult, stubborn and childish. You will be proud of both your family and your country, and seek domestic comfort, order and cleanliness. You never joke about yourself and are likely to be egocentric with the power of passive resistance to anything you do not want to do even if told to do so by superiors. The thoughts of others confuse your own thinking processes but once decided on a course you stick to it and bring it to a successful conclusion.

Friends and lovers.

You may appear retiring and sensitive but this does not not mean that you actually are, for you are on the look out for the chance to take the stage. If you are ignored or put in the background by friends you become moody and petulant. Your high standards in selecting friends and acquaintances means that you can change them quite often as your restless nature causes you to move on in your search for the ideal, for it is only rarely that people will measure up to your goals for friendship. In love too you can be moody and changeable falling in love on a whim and just as soon ending it. Once in love your natural imagination and strong feelings can find their true outlet and you will value friends and lovers above all else. You can be greatly affected by those close to you since you are so impressionable. You will worry over imagined slights and tend to elevate on to a pedastal those you love. You never forget a kindness and are always eager to please.

Sex drive.

You are by nature both sensitive and romantic, your outlook is protective and sentimental to those you love and you are likely to handle all aspects of sex in moderation. There is a strong maternal/caring aspect in your drive, so you seek to look after and protect your mate and do all you can to satisfy them. You are faithful and loyal and will give far more than you receive quite willingly. There are two fears in your life. Fear of ridicule from your mate and a fear they are unfaithful or about to leave you long before there are any reasons for you to suspect such an outcome. You need constant reassurance of the faithfulness of your mate for this reason.

Leo – The Lion

(July 23–August 22)

Planet: Sun
Element: Fire
Incense: Olibanum
Cross: Fixed
Weekday: Sunday
Colors: Gold, yellow, blood red, green
Metal: Gold
Age Leo controls: All stages of life
Crystals: Amber, ruby, diamond
Flowers: Marigold, sunflower, hops
Tree: Willow Birds: Peacock, cock, eagle
Body Area: Back
Archangel: Verkhiel
Watchword: Creativity


You are most concerned with expressing yourself and gaining approval and admiration, a key phrase for you is – I will – since you are determined to show your power to the world. You want to shine forth and be in the spotlight even as you treat others in a generous way. You are likely to find fortune finds you out and offers you a chance to be at the centre even when you feel trapped or in obscurity. You have a strong urge to create, both children and thoughts and projects so that you give of yourself to bring this about. In love you are ruled by the heart and follow your desires, there is a strong attraction to the opposite sex. With money you seek it as a means to achieve your goals and for you the means justifies the end as long as it meets your own approval though not necessarily that of society. You can be recklessly brave and are liable to be over frank or outspoken which will lose you friends and bring about disagreements where you will not give ground, you only concede where you will not lose face. Your seek a noble role and power which makes you glow and you will do whatever is required to show you are worthy of holding responsibility. You express pride in the way you move, act, dress and think but if you do not achieve the authority you seek you can become lazy, sulky and unpredictable.

Friends and lovers.

You have the ability to enjoy friends and lovers for a lifetime, a handshake means what it says to you, and a romance can last just as long once you are committed, for once you fall for someone there are no half measures, you give all and you expect all, you take love seriously and your natural dignity prevents you indulging in mere flirtation, there is your need for affection but you are capable of giving just as much back in return. Though you know many people and love to mix there is still a part of you which stands aloof and keeps you standing out from the crowd, you get along with them but you tend to follow the formalities when it comes to friendship. In love no such reticence occurs, you are loyal, trustworthy and capable of producing an intense relationship where there is a subtle glow at work.

Sex drive.

You love with a fierce devotion, setting your love on a pedastal from which they are likely to fall when they fail to measure up to the role you have allocated for them. You like to call the shots in bed, or wherever you decide the sex should take place, part of your wish to appear lordly and commanding, but you give both protection and generous amounts of yourself in love, you want to be admired and respected. You are by far the most romantic and passionate of signs when you have discovered someone you consider worthy of your loyalty. In early life you may be less fortunate in love through impetuous affairs but when you find the right person you can make them feel they are really special while having sex through the royal attention you lavish on them.

Virgo – The Virgin

(August 23–September 22)

Planet: Mercury
Element: Earth
Incense: Narcissus
Cross: Fixed
Weekday: Wednesday
Colors: Pastel blue, peach, yellow, gold, black
Metal: Platinum
Age Virgo controls: 7-14 years
Crystals: Cornelia, jade, jasper
Flowers: Rosemary, Madonna, lily, valerian
Tree: Elder Birds: Magpie, parrot
Body Area: intestines, bowels, pancreas and gall bladder
Archangel: Hamliel
Watchword: Operation


You tend to express yourself through your work and seek to to bring matter under the control of the mind so that your key phrase is – I analyse – where you are meticulous in carrying out work. This ability to think things through needs to be balanced by the realisation that the mind serves the the spirit, and that overwork is not wisdom, a capacity for self denial where work is concerned can lead to exhaustion, while fears can bring on semi-reclusive behaviour in some Virgos. You place a high value on words and can be entranced by them and you make a good student but tend to think intellect is all when judging a person. You have a healthy concern for a good diet and should avoid artificial foods and medicines which will disagree with you. You are also impressed by good clothes and quality. Gossip and judging people by their appearances are given too high a priority by you since you value neatness in clothes. You may be impervious to love overtures and stay unmarried since no one measures up to your impossible standards, but once married you will rule the roost.

Friends and lovers.

You are well capable of giving loyalty and are possessive by nature so that you see no reason why the friends and lovers you select with careful discrimination should not treat you in the same way. In fact you may try to mould them according to your standards. You admire progressive intelligent people who look like they have their path through life well plotted. You can be over impressed by the intellect of another and ignore or overlook their failings because of this high regard for their brain. You have to like a person before you can fall in love with them and though you can make a wonderful lover and friend and helpmate, you need to learn to give understanding in a relationship rather than the more likely criticism. You are not into glamour, but your indifference to it can act as a challenge to others who detect your inner needs behind your inhibitions and reserve.

Sex drive.

Your estimation of a partner is all important to you for sex can take place largely in the head where you are much given to fantasising rather than actually living these fancies out, for you are unlikely to play fast and loose in your affections. You prefer a mate who you can look up to, there is a danger you will put them on a pedastal so that they will fail to live up to your very demanding standards and you will feel dissatisfied. You are very discriminating and set a high value on character and faithfulness, any flirtatiousness is on a superficial level. You want an ideal relationship where you can co-operate and be helpful to your mate, proving you make up in loyalty what you lack in demonstration of your true affections. Your fears about sex may include a dread of infection which makes you hold back in early physical contact with potential partners.

Your reserve in sexual expression may result in you being drawn to masochistic relationships where you play out a subordinate role to a love you have elevated to superior status.

Libra – The Scales

(September 23–October 22)

Planet: Venus
Element: Air
Incense: Galbanum
Cross: Cardinal
Weekday: Friday
Colors: Royal blue, cerulean, green, black
Metal: Copper
Age Libra controls: 14-21 years
Crystals: Opal, lapis lazuli, beryl, sapphire
Flowers: Violet, white rose
Tree: Almond, walnut, plum, myrtle Birds: Dove, swan, sparrow
Body Area: kidneys, lower back, adrenal glands and ovaries
Archangel: Zuriel
Watchword: Partners


You are under the rulership of the planet Venus and have an instinctive grace and charm, proportion and harmony, a phrase to describe you is – I balance – since you seek to reconcile differences and wish for both approval and popularity, however you are loath to compromise your principles having an awareness that this could bring about your downfall. There is a strong sense of justice and fair play within you so that you are likely to take on the defence of the underdog. You seek to work in co-operation with others and are very concerned to form companionships and partnerships since you find it hard to work in isolation once you have conceived and initiated projects. Your leaning is to taking action on your perceptions.

You are likely to work conscientiously once past the age of early youth, 29, and are interested in new ideas and mental stimulus since you are intellectually inclined as well as being drawn to the arts, public relations, psychology the law, beauty and fashion. Good taste is important to you and you will go out of your way to avoid disharmony in both surroundings and companions. You rarely let your anger get the better of you but when you do explode nothing is left unsaid as you purge your soul and seek to regain emotional equilibrium, at least these flashes of rage soon pass like a tropic storm having shaken everything in its path.

Friends and lovers.

Behind the apparent detached approach you bring to relationships beats a romantic heart that excels all other star signs in the quality of loving that you can provide your partner. You rarely surrender yourself completely to another but are an expert in love matters, with considerable passion and care for the loved one. You revel in social settings but your very friendliness with associates belies the fact that you let very few into your intimate circle. You are quick to anger but let the storm blow itself out just as quickly. You hate to hurt others and prefer to avoid doing or saying anything that will upset the harmony in a relationship. You are well regarded in your social set because people sense your innate regard for honesty and courtesy, while you really enjoy being with your friends and colleagues. With lovers you can be voluptuous, seeking to raise the level of the relationship to one of art with your delicate touches, you are great company to be with and extend the hand of sympathy as well as love to keep things on your desired plane, in fact you find it easier to give than to take in a relationship.

Sex drive.

You are likely to be too idealistic in your search for the perfect partner, seeking a concept rather than the reality of a person with their foibles. You would rather not know about unpleasant realities and are quite capable of being taken in by flattery. If this search for perfection is taken to extremes you could become isolated and frustrated, only getting involved later in life with someone else. Yet you have a great desire for companionship and partnership, for you value sympathy and understanding above all else. Underneath your charm and ideals you can strike others as preoccupied and selfish since you prefer to ignore any unpleasant home truths and can leave your partner feeling uncared for, or their needs not taken care of. You love nothing more than the rituals of love, the chase, the catch, the courting, the preliminaries and even where you know someone well there will be a gradual build up to the sex act, with flirtations and suggestions all along the way until you have them under your spell. Sexual satisfaction will only come when you learn not to measure out your affections according to the response for this can produce a sense of everything being too ordered and predictable. Give your imagination greater play and you are the most interesting lover in the zodiac!

If you are a man, you find it very hard to resist female interest and wiles and are wide open to flattery from them. You thrive on the boost to your ego. Women are often happy to provide it.

Female Librans are happy to play the field and enjoy the chase, they are in no hurry to settle down, preferring to continue looking for Mr Right.

Scorpio – The Scorpion

(October 23–November 21)

Planet: Mars & Pluto
Element: Water
Incense: Siamese Benzoine, Opoponax
Cross: Fixed
Weekday: Tuesday
Colors: Deep reds, shadow black, brown
Metal: Iron & Plutonium
Age Scorpio controls: 62+ years
Crystals: Topaz, ruby, jet
Flowers: Sweet basil, purple heather
Tree: Holly, blackthorn Birds: Eagle, vulture
Body Area: genitalia, reproduction and the blood
Archangel: Barkhiel
Watchword: Death


You are able to summon up more power and intensity than any other sign of the Zodiac for the key phrase to describe you is – I desire – and you will pursue them through thick and thin since staying power is another of your assets. You are much concerned with transformation on any level, which includes sex and romance where you will pour out all your energies. In any endeavour it is important that you think through what you are seeking since you will pursue it with great intensity and determination, your willpower is ready to endure any trial seeking satisfaction so that even death or humiliation can prove insufficient deterrent. In a work situation you can create crisis situations in your mind where you feel unable to delegate and exhaust yourself. You hate to see weakness in yourself or others though you are prepared to offer practical help to get them back on their feet where they can help themselves again.

Diplomacy is not a strong suit with you since you prefer to tell the truth or not speak at all, you are also driven to investigate the true nature of things and are good at probing secrets which can include those of people as well as the worlds of business and science. You are highly secretive by nature even though you are exceptionally good at discovering those of other people. You have a deep affinity for the the regenerative power of nature which you can apply to your own circumstances, the secret of your applied power.

Friends and lovers.

You are careful and choosy in your selection of mates and friends so that you are rarely disappointed in them, you start a relationship slowly and carefully and cultivate it along the way. Once you are in a close relationship you will be quite prepared to make sacrifices to preserve it. However there is a dynamic side to you, you can hardly resist a quarrel or a fight and must prove you are right, this can mean people find you tempestuous as you seek to divide and remix in your search for the right relationship ingredients. People are attracted by this dynamism however, you have an animal like sexuality and excitement which comes across in the face you show the world as well as in bed. In romance you are intense and dynamic, there is little you will not do to satisfy both friends and lovers but you do expect the same commitment in return. Intensity is all and relationships that are shallow have no appeal for you, you expect compliments and appreciation from those around you and are quite capable of reacting violently to criticism or frustration of your behaviour and desires. This moody tempestuousness needs to be controlled if you are to show more sympathy and win greater popularity from others.

Sex drive.

Your moods are unpredictable and this produces an unreliable temperament that complicates your love life although you are more suited than most to controlling your sex drive when you want to. You are tireless and determined in your pursuit of your passions and can win the affection of those who interest you through sheer doggedness. Your sex drive is always there and you are capable of keeping going long after others have fallen by the roadside but even your constitution can be weakened by over self indulgence. Your sheer energy makes you an interesting partner for you can bring all your powers into play in the sex act and be an excellent lover, with self control helping you along the way to sexual fulfilment.

Your relations can be either extremely happy or the reverse even with the same person, for there is a part of you that is inclined to go to extremes in any relationship. When in love you are able to give utter devotion to your mate and lose the temptation to stray.

You are likely to stray on occasion to seek out sexual adventure but are well able to separate out this from your domestic life which is kept in a completely different compartment.

Sagittarius – The Archer

(November 22–December 21)

Planet: Jupiter
Element: Fire
Incense: Wood-Aloe
Cross: Mutable
Weekday: Thursday
Colors: Lilac, mauve, purple, indigo, goldred
Metal: Tin
Age Sagittarius controls: 35-42 years
Crystals: Sapphire, amethyst, topaz
Flowers: Carnation, sage
Tree: Mulberry, vine, chestnut Birds: Eagle, peacock
Body Area: liver, hips and thighs
Archangel: Adnakhiel
Watchword: Wisdom


You are nothing if not honest and straightforward in your
approach to life and seek to achieve your goals directly.
The key phrase to describe your outlook is – I see – since
your perceptions of people and events and trends are likely
to have an almost prophetic accuracy to them. You appear to
to attract good fortune in life, generally the result of
a genuine concern for others although you are incapable of
not revealing your true thoughts. You tend to be well aware
of what it is possible to do within the constraints of
society but you have a love of freedom, both physical
roaming and the freedom to explore new ideas and philosophies.
While you are generous to friends, you can be implacable with
enemies and know how to shoot to wound. In anxiety states you
can become depressed since you much prefer a jovial approach
to life and wish to learn through experience and adventure
rather than towing the line. You want to be respected for
your achievements especially in the creative area.

Friends and lovers.

You value honesty in relationships both for yourself and for
others and this includes being given freedom, a vital
consideration for you. You choose your friends but not your
lovers on impulse and are likely to gather a very
diverse collection of people around you. You do have a
tendency to not see these friendships through, for if you
find you have lost interest you are unable to hold back
your honest estimation of the situation. Although
fundamentally serious there is nothing you like more than
fun and laughter when in company which makes you a great
friend once others have come up to your very high standards.
Unwise hasty affairs are likely to characterise your early
love life and it is only when you learn to take people and
lovers on their own terms rather than your rather unrealistic
ones that you will function on a more carefree level. You
steer clear of jealousy and possessiveness realising it
can interfere with your precious freedom when applied to you.
For the same reason you are unlikely to get married early,
variety of experience and romances is important to you until
you find the elusive right one.

Sex drive.

Yours is a healthy outdoor kind of approach to sexual
expression and you will start off seeing sexual freedom as
as very important to you but most Sagittarians do
eventually settle down after a rather chequered love life
in youth. You are likely to be both sensual and flirtatious
and seeking out a variety of partners, this can be taken
to excess where free love and dislike of any restraint
combines with a search for infinite sexual variety in
sex partners and sex positions. However you are worried by
what people say and think about you which provides some
check on your quest for sexual gratification. Part of you
seeks sensual experience for its own sake while the other
half seeks uplifting experiences for the mind. The ideal
partner you believe you are looking for will have to
provide you with both.

Capricorn – The Goat

(December 22–January 19)

Planet: Saturn
Element: Earth
Incense: Musk, Civet
Cross: Cardinal
Weekday: Saturday
Colors: Black, Grey, violet, red, brown
Metal: Lead
Age Capricorn controls: 42-49 years
Crystals: Onyx, jet, garnet, opal
Flowers: Nightshade, rue, snowdrop
Tree: Pine, cypress, yew, spruce Birds: Owl, falcon
Body Area: knees, joints, teeth and skeleton
Archangel: Hanael
Watchword: Achievement


You believe that you must make something of yourself in life and this includes achieving security on a material level so that a key phrase to describe you is – I use – since you want to progress and reach a commanding position or goal. Everything you see or hear or find out from keeping up with practical affairs is turned to your advantage as you seek step by step to rise upwards in life, gain financial reward and provide for old age where you are concerned to be independent. You have great belief in your own ability and will proceed methodically along your chosen path using neatness and method to improve efficiency while no problem will prove insurmountable to your ingenious mind at work. You prove you can handle responsibility when it is given to you and will have few qualms stepping over bodies on your way to the top. You never step backwards, you are serious when young, more youthful when old, you embody what is known as common sense in your approach and have an instinctive understanding of the ways of the world. On occasions, melancholy and loneliness will assail you since part of you says that it is a dog eat dog world but you do actually value the good opinion of others and are more sensitive than any would guess from your your manner.

Friends and lovers.

You may be slow to make friends but you are even slower to give them up for you value constancy and your own investment in cultivating a bond. Reserve comes naturally to you for you are afraid of being hurt and relate to people anyway more on an intellectual than emotional level. You put your career and worldly progress on at least a par with your emotional life and would prefer if the two could be combined in relationships so that you benefit from the association in progressing your worldly aims. Once you do decide on a friendship or relationship you will invest all you have in it and it can easily be for life, so that if it is broken up you will feel that it has been stolen from you rather than simply seeing it as an emotional upset. It is difficult for you to show your feelings and your emotions but this does not mean you do not have them. You are willing to make great sacrifices to preserve and keep what you have.

Sex drive.

You may not have a strong sex drive but are well capable of fulfilling what you consider your obligations to others in bed, even if you view it with a certain amount of detachment. You are also quite capable of having sex simply for the sake of it with cool disregard for any emotional factors in the act. There is always some confusion in your choice of partners since even where sex is concerned you expect to be able to benefit materially in some way and this can set up discord within yourself until you are clearer about what it is you seek from a relationship. You do not confuse lust with love and are realistic in seeing that sometimes you are simply responding to the animal lure of attraction. Even if you stray in a relationship you will not consider this affects it since you can compartmentalise your life and think you are being faithful according to your lights.

If you are a male, you will consider satisfaction of your sexual urges a natural activity and various sexual affairs may take place while you remain in a steady relationship, when it comes to sex you can be quite cold blooded in satisfying your urges.

Females are quite happy to exploit their sex appeal for gain in varous subtle ways, and can be similarly detach sex from love.