Elemental Correspondences


Direction: East
Archangel: Raphael
Qualities: hot and moist, light and active
Colors: Crimson, yellow
Incense: Galbanum
Magical phrase: noscere, to know
Zodiacal signs:  Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Tattvic symbol: blue circle (Vayu)
Tattvic tide: June 21 – September 23
Season: Spring
Hour of day: dawn
Celtic name: airt
Magical tool: Dagger
Types of magic: To find object that have been lost or
stolen, magic of the four winds,
visualizations, divination.
Major Arcana card: Fool (0)
Minor Arcana suit: swords
Symbolic creatures: eagle, human
Alchemical symbol: Right side up triangle
Elemental spirits: Sylphs
Elemental king: Paralda
Egyptian elemental king: Ameshet (a young man)
Symbols: sky, wind, clouds, incense
Plants: aspen tree, mistletoe
Reflections in humanity: the super conscious, knowledge,
instruction, freedom, travel
psychic abilities
Parts of the body: chest, lungs, throat
Humour: Blood
Positive characteristics: kind, joyful, communicative,
intelligent, intuitive, diligent
Negative characteristics: gossipy, boastful, spendthrift,
untruthful, selfish, fickle,
Overbalance: chatterbox, or one who tends to intellectualize
to much
Underbalance: muddy thinking; one who has difficulty
transmitting thoughts and ideas

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Air is the element of thought, the harsh reality of logic. It is the medium of communication and business, the place where we dream and plan, plot and scheme. It is as hard to pin down as the wind.

Air is pure and clear, and constantly moving. It is the element of visualization and the catalyst for change.

Air rules the East – where the great light rises each day. Air is the light of wisdom and of consciousness.


Direction: south
Archangel: Michael
Qualities: hot and dry, light and active
Colors: white, red, orange, scarlet
Incense: Olibanum
Magical phrase: velle, to will
Zodiacal signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
Tattvic symbol: red triangle (Tejas)
Tattvic tide: March 21 – June 21
Season: summer
Hour of day: Noon
Celtic name: deas
Magical tools: fire wand, lamp
Type of magic: tantra, healing, candle magic
Major Arcana Card: judgement (XX)
Minor Arcana suit: wands
Symbolic creature: lion
Alchemical symbol: right side up triangle with a line
through the middle.
Elemental spirits: salamanders
Elemental king: Djinn
Egyptian elemental king: Toumathph (a jackal)
Symbols: fire, sun, stars, volcanoes
Plant: nettle
Part of body: head
Humour: choler, yellow bile
Reflections in humanity: the life force, sexual energy,
will, Passion
Positive characteristics: energetic, enthusiastic, daring,
stubborn, faithful
Negative characteristics: stubborn, greedy, jealous,
vengeful, angry, resentful,
aggressive, possessive, egotistical
Overbalance: one who is dominating, egotistic, violent
Underbalance: one who feels inferior or apathetic; lack of

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Image used with permission

Fire is the element of Energy, of Action It is the most primal of elements, holding our passion and will, drive and ambition. It is the cry of war and the essence of divinity.

Fire acts upon all the other elements. It creates change, brings destruction. Without Fire’s changing influences, there would be no progress, no development, no desire.

Fire rules the south, where (from the Northern Hemisphere) the Sun always shines upon the world bringing warmth and growth.


Direction: west
Archangel: Gabriel
Qualities: cold and moist, heavy and passive
Colors: brownish gray, blue
Incense: Onycha, Myrrh
Magical phrase: audere, to dare
Zodiacal signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
Tattvic symbol: silver crescent (Apas)
Tattvic tide: September 23 – December 23
Season: Fall
Hour of day: twilight
Celtic name: iar
Magical tool: cup
Type of magic: fertility, mirror magic, purification,
healing, divination, dream magic
Major Arcana card: Hanged Man (XII)
Minor Arcana suit: cups
Symbolic creatures: scorpion, snake
Alchemical symbol: upside down triangle
Elemental spirits: undines
Elemental King: Niksa
Egyptian elemental king: Kabexnaf (a hawk)
Symbols: waterfalls, all bodies of water, waves, fog, rain
Plants: all water plants
Parts of body: stomach, (liquids elimination)
Humour: phlegm
Reflection in humanity: emotions, fertility, the unconscious
Positive characteristics: Forgiving, easygoing, gracious,
sensitive, modest, flowing,
Negative characteristics: overly emotional, weepy, lazy,
insecure, sly, fridgid,
indifferent, dependent
Overbalance: hypersensitivity
Underbalance: a cold, emotionless nature

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Image used with permission

Water is Life. Without it we cannot survive. Water holds our emotional self – our love and hope, our fear and despair. It is the element of our sub-conscious self – our intuition and creativity.

Water is ever-flowing and, over time, will erode the greatest obstacles.

Water rules the West where, to the ancient peoples of Europe, the great mysteries of the Atlantic held tales of other worlds and mythic creatures.


Direction: north
Archangel: Auriel (Uriel)
Qualities: cold and dry, heavy and passive
Colors: brown, black, green
Incense: Storax
Magical phrase: tacere, to keep silent
Zodiacal signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Tattivic symbol: yellow square (prithivi)
Tattivic tide: December 23 – March 21
Season: winter
Hour of day: midnight
Celtic name: tuath
Magical tools: pentacle, cyrstals
Types of magic: fertility magic, tree magic, herbal lore,
prosperity, runecasting, knot magic
Major Arcana card: Universe (XXI)
Minor Arcana suit: pentacles
Symbolic creatures: bull, sphinx
Alchemical symbol: upside down triangle with a line through
the middle
Elemental spirits: gnomes
Elemental king: Ghob
Egyptian elemental king: Apephi (an ape)
Symbols: mountains, caves, gems, fields, rocks
Plants: red poppy, thrift plant
Parts of body: bones, sex organs
Humour: black bile, melancholy
Reflection in humanity: the physical body
Positive characteristics: reliable, punctual, stable,
Negative characterists: greedy, sensualist, materialistic, stodgy, unprogressive
Overbalance: materialistic; one whose circle of ideas is
Underbalace: Unreliable, careless, tasteless

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Image used with permission

Earth is the unchanging law of the Universe. It is the fertility of Mother Nature, the great source of all Life. It is the Rock on which all things are built.

Earth is solid and unmoving. It represents the greatest, immutable truths, our loyalty and our stubborness. It represents stability, but also resistance to change.

Earth rules the North, where the great mountains of the highlands lay, always constant, never changing.


Direction: the Center
Archangel: Metatron
Color: brilliant white light
Qualities: timelessness, spacelessness
Magical Tool: The Cord
Tattvic symbol: black oval (Akasha)
Major Arcana card: Fool (0) and Judgement (XX)
Tarot suit: Major Arcana
Symbols: spiral, the cosmos
Part of the body: the spinal column
Reflections in humanity: one’s immortal soul or
Plants: Mistletoe, Flowering almond

Copyright (C) Brigid Ashwood
Image used with permission


Above all the other elements, and yet part of them, lies the fifth element – Spirit.

It is the ethereal, without direction, yet encompassing all directions.

It is beyond the physical world – the pure essence of the Universe and of us all.

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