Original meaning: Possessions
An inheritance. Money matters are favored. You may receive assistance from older relatives or long time friends.

Ethel (Ethel) is the rune of the household and the estate, its sentiment is summed up in the phrase “A man’s home is his castle.” It is the rune of the home life and the safety of the home. However, to keep this estate one must uphold what is right and keep the moral codes of the community. Ethel symbolizes the customs and morals of the tribe, its laws. It is also the rune of inheritance and of nobility. It is therefore linked to one’s hereditary traits as well as one’s personality traits brought about by their up bringing. This can be seen as part of one’s personal wyrd or that of the family or clan.

Ethel can also be seen as that type of m??gen which is linked to one place or group of people. Whereas other runes symbolize m??gen in general, the m??gen Ethel represents is tied to specific families. It is the might of ancestral homelands, of ancient clans. Whereas f??h represents mobile power, Ethel represents that power which is fixed, stable, and far more powerful in the long run.

It is the rune of the enclosure known as the tribe, a group of people banded together for mutual protection from the wilds outside. Ancient Northern Europe was sometimes a difficult place to survive, in many ways like the American frontier. Warfare with Celts and Romans and even with other Germanic tribes was often the case. Yet, one’s homeland was safe, a place where one was surrounded by a loving caring community. Yet this safety can only be kept as long as ancient customs and laws are observed, as long as what is right is done.

In divination, Ethel can indicate an inheritance either of a physical or spiritual nature. In spellwork, it can be used to enforce customary law or to protect one’s estate.

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