Original meaning: Growth
Clarity is realized. The situation improves. Success is indicated. Expect an extended period of prosperity. Growth is not rapid, but it is constant.

Daeg is the rune of daylight and the happiness associated with it. It has much in common with Jera, in that it reflects a cycle of nature, but this one is much shorter. Day can be seen as symbolic of a short though happy process of change. It can also be associated with the feeling of elation felt on warm sunny spring days. Many associate it with the principle of shamanic ecstasy, though it is probably more indicative of the burst of enthusiasm, of true joy, than it is any spiritual awakening. No doubt this sudden burst of enthusiasm may be due to a sudden realization, one that may be linked to the divine. In this sense, D??g may be related to the Christian principle of agape, the love for the divine sometimes felt when divine revelation is recieved.

Daeg however is only the last part of a process. The ancient Northern Europeans started the “day” with nightfall, so that by the time daybreak had come, half the cycle of light and darkness had passed. Daeg therefore represents something that must be achieved only by surviving the dark of the night. To see the light of day, one must first survive the darkness before dawn.

In divination, Daeg sometimes means a change for the better is about to take place. In magic it can be used to achieve happiness and intuitive thoughts.

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