The Goddess of romantic love, friendship, music and feminity. Venus is also often known as the planet of good fortune – a trait it shares with Jupiter.

Venus is also the planet of inspiration, and Venusians make great mediators, since they are sympathetic to others viewpoints and emotions.

A strong Venus aspect in a chart usually represents physical attractiveness, and an easy ability to enter into relationships.

A poorly aspected Venus can lead to difficulties in handling love and emotion. Venus also gives us our appreciation of the arts, culture and entertainment.

Deities associated with Venus

Deity Pantheon Element
Aphrodite/Venus – Goddess of Love Olympian Water
Asherah – Goddess of Love Canaanite Fire
Auriel/Uriel – Archangel Angelic Earth
Bes – God of Luck Egyptian Water
Branwen – Goddess of Love and Beauty Celtic Water
Brighid – Goddess of Fire, Healing and Smithcraft Celtic Fire,Water
Corn Maiden – The Spring Queen Faery Water
Dionysus/Bacchus – God of the Vine Olympian Water
Eros/Cupid – God of Love Olympian Fire
Freya – Goddess of Love and Fertility Norse Water
Hathor – The Sky Goddess Egyptian Water
Hestia/Vesta – The Virgin Olympian Fire
Inanna/Ishtar – Queen of the Sky Sumerian Air
Ninlil – Goddess of Grain Sumerian Earth
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