Pisces – The Fish

(19 February – 20 March)

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Image used with Permission Planet: Jupiter & Neptune
Element: Water
Incense: Ambergris
Cross: Mutable
Weekday: Thursday
Colors: Purple, violet, amethyst, white, green
Metal: Tin
Age Pisces controls: 55-62 years
Crystals: Sapphire, emerald, amethyst
Flowers: Heliotrope, carnation, opium
Tree: Willow, elm Birds: Swan, stork, sandpiper
Body Area: feet, immune and lymphatic systems
Archangel: Amnitziel
Watchword: Privacy


You are exceptionally capable of absorbing the moods, subtle undercurrents and circumstances of life so that you are very responsive as a person. The key phrase for you is – I believe – since it is necessary with your innate feeling for the problems of humanity to face things as they are and believe that you can solve them through your own abilities. You will be drawn to serve people in your work, while in the arts, especially dance and music, you are likely to have exceptional talent. At your best you can be unselfish, caring for the downtrodden, devoted and the soul of sympathy, but with your awareness of the subtleties of a situation you can become indecisive and find it hard to make decisions and function in the real world on a practical level. In the first part of life you are more likely to be career orientated since you realise you need to take care of the material aspects if your search for meaning in life is to be pursued. You follow your own guiding lights and preserve your uniqueness this way since forms of restraint are abhorrent to you. You like nothing better than inhabiting your own dreamworld but will find the world itself becomes inviting once you have found an outlet for your creativity and drive to improve the common lot of humanity.

Friends and lovers.

You are a romantic even in your choice of friends since you expect so much from them and are very dependent on them for a sense of yourself. Your good humour, sympathy and warm heartedness naturally attracts people to you and anything petty or mean in a relationship is usually beyond you except where you get jealous of the successes of your friends which you will take very personally with so much of yourself bound up with them. You need to choose your friends wisely for this reason, you can be easily led and the wrong people can take you down paths you should not travel with your well developed sensitivities. You need to probe more into the motivations and values of people before you let them into your inner circle. In the selection of a mate, this applies even more. You can let your expectations of them become too high, any small upset can be used as the excuse for breaking the link, to your regret, it will help to enjoy lovers and friends for what they are rather than what you would like them to be. You have an inclination to dream about your ideal lover rather than actively to go out and seek them, with such high standards you may need to be less demanding and more prepared to take them as they come.

Sex drive.

You are open to sexual persuasion and can easily believe that the pursuit of your sexual gratification in sensual delight is what you really seek rather than it being excessive responsiveness to sexual stimulus. You find it hard to say no and can easily give in to temptation which can lead to a very promiscuous lifestyle and infidelity in relationships. You are naturally sympathetic, a deep well of emotionality and rather mysterious if not strange to others who do not have your benevolent and hospitable concern for their fellows. You are highly susceptible to the pleasures of the flesh, even a touch or brush from your partner can send shivers down your spine of sexual thrill. You value sex partly because it allows you to fulfill your fantasies but without some control of your sensual nature, dissipation, alcoholism and general revelling in the baser side of sex will become a danger.

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