Mercury (Hermes) was the messenger of the Gods. He spread the news, regardless of whether it was good or bad. All that was important was that the message was delivered.

Mercury shows how we communicate with others, be it verbally, spiritually, intellectually or economically. Mercury is the planet of trade, commerce, intellect and wit. It is Mercury’s qualities of understanding, wit and agile thought and speech that separate people from animals.

Because of its close proximity to the Sun (it travels around it in only 88 days) it is common to find Mercury in the same sign as the Sun Sugn.

When Mercury is poorly aspected, it can lead to a tendency to gossip, over honesty and restlessness.

Mercury has an unreliable quality that likes to operate independently of others. Mercurians are usually fond of practical jokes, and like to trick people into revealing their foolishness.

Deities associated with Mercury

Deity Pantheon Element
Anubis – Judge of the Dead Egyptian Earth
Cernunnos – Herne the Hunter Celtic Earth
Enki – God of The Sweet Waters Sumerian Air
Hag – Queen of the Dead Faery Earth
Hecate/Carmenta – Goddess of the Crossroads Olympian Earth
Hel – Goddess of Death and the Underworld Norse Earth
Hermes/Mercury – Messenger of the Gods Olympian Air
Lugh – Lugh of the Long Arm Celtic Air
Maat – Goddess of Truth and Order Egyptian Air
Morrigan – Supreme War Goddess Celtic Water
Nike – Goddess of Victory Olympian Air
Odin – The All Father Norse Air
Raphael – Angelic Air
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