Mars is action, dynamism, intensity. Action, now, dammit! It is the pioneering spirit, the courage and strength to persevere, and it is also War, and Mars has a reputation as the planet of conflict.

Mars plays Male to the Venus feminine side. Where Venus brings together, Mars pulls apart. A good relationship between these two planets can lead to positive dynamism. If Mars dominates Venus, this can manifest as exaggerated ego and a thirst for power.

Too little Mars in a horoscope can lead to difficulties and fear when faced with life’s challenges.

The individual influence of Mars, like Mercury, is neither good or bad. It is the situation that surrounds it that determines how it will act. But it will act!

Deities associated with Mars

Deity Pantheon Element
Ares/Mars – God of War Olympian Fire
Blue God – Light of the World Faery Fire
Gwynn ap Nudd – King of the Faeries and the Underworld Celtic Fire
Horus – Lord of the Sky Egyptian Fire
Oghma – Honey-mouthed Celtic Fire
Samael – Angel of Poison Angelic Fire
Surtur – Lord of the Fire Giants Norse Fire
Tyr – God of Courage and Strategy Norse Fire
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