Cancer – The Crab

(June 21–July 22)

Planet: Moon
Element: Water
Incense: Onycha
Cross: Cardinal
Weekday: Monday
Colors: Pale blue, silver, pearl, green or brown
Metal: Silver
Age Cancer controls: 7 years
Crystals: Emerald
Flowers: Poppy, white rose, watercress
Tree: Willow Birds: Seagull, owl, white peacock
Body Area: Breasts, stomach and chest
Archangel: Muriel
Watchword: Security


You are the most sensitive sign in the Zodiac so that the the key phrase to describe you is – I feel – and you care above all for your own domestic comfort and security. You are unlikely to feel complete until you have a family which you can protect and nurture. Underneath your tough exterior lies extreme sensitivity, fear of ridicule and the capacity for holding grudges although once you are committed to a relationship you will continue loving a person even when you receive hurt from it. You are prepared to go to any lengths to obtain your own security and are reluctant to take risks with money but your emotional complexity means that few will understand you as you switch from jolliness to melancholy, when you are hurt you become difficult, stubborn and childish. You will be proud of both your family and your country, and seek domestic comfort, order and cleanliness. You never joke about yourself and are likely to be egocentric with the power of passive resistance to anything you do not want to do even if told to do so by superiors. The thoughts of others confuse your own thinking processes but once decided on a course you stick to it and bring it to a successful conclusion.

Friends and lovers.

You may appear retiring and sensitive but this does not not mean that you actually are, for you are on the look out for the chance to take the stage. If you are ignored or put in the background by friends you become moody and petulant. Your high standards in selecting friends and acquaintances means that you can change them quite often as your restless nature causes you to move on in your search for the ideal, for it is only rarely that people will measure up to your goals for friendship. In love too you can be moody and changeable falling in love on a whim and just as soon ending it. Once in love your natural imagination and strong feelings can find their true outlet and you will value friends and lovers above all else. You can be greatly affected by those close to you since you are so impressionable. You will worry over imagined slights and tend to elevate on to a pedastal those you love. You never forget a kindness and are always eager to please.

Sex drive.

You are by nature both sensitive and romantic, your outlook is protective and sentimental to those you love and you are likely to handle all aspects of sex in moderation. There is a strong maternal/caring aspect in your drive, so you seek to look after and protect your mate and do all you can to satisfy them. You are faithful and loyal and will give far more than you receive quite willingly. There are two fears in your life. Fear of ridicule from your mate and a fear they are unfaithful or about to leave you long before there are any reasons for you to suspect such an outcome. You need constant reassurance of the faithfulness of your mate for this reason.

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