Aquarius – The Water Bearer

(20 January – 18 February)

Planet: Saturn
Element: Air
Incense: Galbanum
Cross: Fixed
Weekday: Saturday
Colors: All colors especially electric blue
Metal: Uranium
Age Aquarius controls: 49-56 years
Crystals: Zircon, amber, malachite
Flowers: Snowdrop, foxglove
Tree: Pine Birds: Cuckoo, albatross, phoenix
Body Area: lower legs, ankles and circulation
Archangel: Kambriel
Watchword: Fellowship


You are drawn to the ideals of companionship and fraternity and will always gravitate to where there are people, for you are a social animal. The key phrase for you is – I know – where you pursue your beliefs in humanitarian causes and values, valuing knowledge for these purposes, an ideal is what motivates you to work, a sense it has a useful purpose and you are prepared to work tirelessly in this area. You treat everyone as your equal and expect the same in return, while you are always loyal to your friends. In work you can let your anxiety about it and your serious view of your responsibilities cause you to get rundown so that you hardly ever relax even when away from it. Your sympathies may be rather impersonal but your response more intellectual than emotional but you are firm in your loyalties. You love the beauties of the world but also your own comfort and wish to possess your fair share of of material possessions.

Friends and lovers.

You will always hold part of yourself aloof in any relationship for you seek a rather impersonal kind of friendship expressing your concerns for fraternity and harmony among all people, rather than a more personal type. You are in any case an individualist who will follow your own path regardless and your actions cannot be second guessed. You believe mutual mental interests are as important as emotional attraction and can form lasting relationships based on little more than a common regard. You respect the opinions of others and expect the same in return. Emotionally you are not demonstrative but underneath you can be affectionate, you need to be understood and allowed the means of expression you choose, even if you appear cold and aloof. Many recluses are Aquarians because of the difficulty others have in understanding their need for individual expression. Where you do achieve understanding you are likely to preserve that relationship for life even if it does have an air of impersonality to it. You will always keep something of yourself back believing that over familiarity breeds contempt and masks are a necessary defence to your most inner and secret thoughts and feelings.

Sex drive.

Your idealism in general is also carried over to your sex life where you place friendship higher than sexual relations and are slow to let your defences down. However though you can be detached and cool about sex you are also something of an experimenter and can go to the other extreme of trying out many partners and methods of sexual expression simply for the novelty of it. Your belief in the community of man and woman then takes on a sexual expression as well. You may be tempted by anything from communal living to group sex. More likely you will slowly learn to open up to your mate and respond with a fresh gusto to their overtures, for you like to look after the sexual needs of those you love. In many ways though you will regard it as a higher compliment to be seen as a good friend rather than a good lover to your mate.

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