Elder Berry Sambucus nigra (Caprifoliaceae)

Other Names:
Traditional Uses:insect repellent, skin complaints, coughs, colds, catarrh, throat infections, laxative
Magical Uses:
Description: Shrub or small tree with fissured bark and many straight branches growing up to 30 ft. Leaves are dull green, toothed and pungent. In midsummer flowering stems are red and bear broad flat-topped heads of small white fragrant flowers followed by edible black berries.

Uses: Use leaves, flowers and fruits, fresh or dried. Roots and bark may be gathered and used as needed. Leaves are insect repellant and provide a soothing ointment for skin complaints. Flowers make a calming tea, soothe the eyes and add sweet fragrance to drinks and dishes. Fruits are used to treat throat infections, coughs and colds and to induce sweating. Bark is a laxative, root is used to treat kidney ailments. Berries also produce a blue-purple dye.

Infusion: Used to prepare more delicate parts of plants. 3 cups of water to 1 ounce dry herb or 1?

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Written by Melanie Hooten

Melanie Hooten was a Isian and Correllian High Priestess. She studied Wicca for over 15 years, before her sudden passing in 2015, age 36. Melanie was a light in the world, and her writing are left here as a testament to her love of the Earth, and of the Goddess.


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