Alecost Chrysanthemum balsamita

Other Names: costmary, bible leaf
Traditional Uses:eases childbirth, soothe colds, digestive disorders.
Magical Uses:
Description: Perennial herb with a sharp biting
taste that grows up to 2 feet tall. Has finely hairy
creeping rootstock and oval leaves with a minty scent.
Bears small yellow flower with outer white petals in
late summer.

Use: Leaves and flowers are used gathering young
leaves at any time and flowers as they are beginning
to open up. Used to treat colds and digestive
disorders. Has been used in medieval times to ease

Infusion: Used to prepare more delicate parts of plants. 3 cups of water to 1 ounce dry herb or 1?

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Written by Melanie Hooten

Melanie Hooten was a Isian and Correllian High Priestess. She studied Wicca for over 15 years, before her sudden passing in 2015, age 36. Melanie was a light in the world, and her writing are left here as a testament to her love of the Earth, and of the Goddess.


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