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PaganNews.com started back in 2003, and has been running ever since, however since 2012, it has largely been running on automatic. When the site became the property of Frokkle in 2015, the decision was taken to modernize and re-energize the site, and that work is currently ongoing. We still have some sections to move over from the older site, but 90% of that work is now done, and will be completed over the coming months.

Contributors Wanted

If you would like to write for PaganNews.com (in a purely voluntary capacity initially), the please contact the Editor with a brief outline of what you would like to write about.

We are also looking for graphic artists, particularly to update the images in the deity section. Again, please contact the Editor

Legal Stuff

Content on PaganNews.com is the property of Frokkle, LLC or the respective copyright holders. PaganNews.com content may be used solely for non-commercial use. The PaganNews.com logo and PaganNews.com are trademarks and property of Frokkle, LLC. The software and products on this site are provided asis, and no warranty is expressed or implied.

Not responsible for damage resulting from improper use of software, spells or deities. Some content may not be suitable for minors. Some content may not be suitable for majors, or 2nd lieutenants. This site constructed with recycled electrons. Harmful if swallowed. Slippery when wet. For entertainment purposes only. Not to be taken internally while driving or operating heavy machinery. Votes for women. Free the Indy 500. Do not drive into smoke. Please wash hands before returning to work area. Batteries not included. Questions relating to copyrighted material or this site in general should be directed to our legal eagle. Please include a self-addressed envelope.

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