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  • "Growing Up Pagan: A Workbook for Wiccan Families"
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    The Pagan Link Exchange

    Here are some links that visitors to this site found useful, and wanted to share with you! Please feel free to email us if you would like a link added.

    Link Description
    Fire Moon Creations I specialize in besom making, so if you are looking for a ritual broom you have landed in the right place! I can also offer unique, one of a kind handmade ritual tools on occasion such as staves, athames, and wands, classy tarot cloth and bag sets, handmade jewelry, and a monthly drawing for a free sabbat ritual bath kit! I love to do custom work, so if you are looking for something specific, don't be too shy to ask!!
    New Age Bookstore Psychic/Mediums,Massage Therapy,Colon Hydrotherapy,Ion foot bath,ear candling,Herbs, jewlry,books,insences,gifts and more. Psychic Fairs monthly.
    "Growing Up Pagan: A Workbook for Wiccan Families"
    Finally, a workbook for Wiccan children and their families! "Growing Up Pagan: A Workbook for Wiccan Families" by Raine Hill is full color inside andout and chock full of Pagan mythology, crosswords, word seeks, Pagan symbols, fun stories such as "How to Build a My Fist Altar" and much, much more! Visit the wesite for the books Companion Site!
    A Silver Dream
    Affordable 925 silver Gothic, Pagan and Wiccan jewellery for men and women
    Amazing Magic Spells Talismans Charms
    Magic Spells like Love Spells Money Spells Talismans and Charms also information on witchcraft, wicca and Voodoo dolls available.
    Bamboo baby clothing
    Logon to and find out naturally organic, sustainable and luxuriously soft bamboo baby clothing offer a new level of luxury and comfort, in a sustainable and ethical way.
    Bella Rayes New Age Gifts
    online pagan oriented store and proactive community for religious tolerance
    Circle of the Pheonyx Coven
    Circle of the Pheonyx is an alltraditions welcome coven celebrating; drumming, danse, sexual alchemy, ritual magicks, great rite, sabbats, tantra, and tarot and astrology, as polyamory We welcome QALL pagans of any tradition.
    Conjure Soap Handmade and Energized soap by 2HooDooMen. Handmade lye soaps, shampoo bars, bath salts, bath milks, lotions, body washes, bath gels and more all energetically inspired, imbued with intentional energy, and created with blessed alchemy. Created in Dallas Texas.
    Demi-Anns Curiosity Closet
    An online Metaphysical store dedicated to Pagans, Wiccans, and all those like minded.
    Doreen Valiente 1922-1999
    This site is dedicated to the memory of Doreen Valiente, the Mother of Modern Witchcraft. Today Wicca is the fastest growing religion in the Western world and this is largely due to the prolific writing, in-depth research and personal integrity of Doreen, who gave and is still giving so much to the Craft.
    Pagan internet resources
    Fantastical Reality
    A pagan centered blog about Spirituality, manifestation, and abundance.
    GBs Wood and Gems
    The place for the rare and unusual.....Crystals,mineral specimens,sphere holders,wands,staffs and Magickal carvings
    Goddess Inspirations Health & Beauty
    100% All Natural Body Products
    Golden Grimoire
    FREE Library of online books and articles to help with your learning and exploration of magick.
    Indian Lyrics Songs
    Indian Lyrics Songs
    Ivys Domain, The Magical Realm Of A Norse Witch
    Ivys Domain. The magical realm of a Norse Witch is about the Asatru. A Nordic Heathen practice and belief. Paganism. An old world religion. We also offer handmade pagan crafts and gifts. Norse witchcraft in our Book of Shadows. Witches calendar..Tales of superstitions. Runes, Rune magic. Asatru, Celtic, Wiccan practices and rituals. How to make magical charms, potions and spells.
    Liliths Grove
    New Age Store, Forum and Blog
    Magic Spells Charms Talismans
    Magic Spells Charms and Talismans
    Magic Spells, Love Spells, Charms & Talismans
    Magic Spells, Love Spells, Money Spells, Success Spells, Revenge Spells.
    Magickal Enchantments
    Prepare to be enchanted with the magickal wares you will find at Magickal Enchantments! Magickal Enchantments offers top quality handcrafted organic and magickal items. You will find organic oils, ointments Dragons Blood, herbal blends, organic and wildcrafted herbs, Witchballs, Goddess Oils, spell kits, spell candles, altar oils, pagan themed accessories, tarot and oracle readings and much more! Come and be enchanted at Magickal Enchantments. Participate in Magickal Enchantments blog to be eligible for free product giveaways at:
    Miss Lunas
    On Miss Lunas, there is an online BOS, a Guide For Parents, a book [that turns pages!] on Becoming A Witch, links, finding your Spirit Guide, Dreams 101, Herbalism, Enter Class, Homework, Tarot, Astrology, a Rest & Relax page, articles relating to Paganism, Tips for Meditation, etc. [Find link back to here on the Link page!] :)
    NatureCraft Magick
    New Age Shoppe with Celtic Appeal blending Magical Tools and Metaphysical Products with an eclectic array of Jewelry and related designs created with the focus on Mother Earth and the essential Elements or our natural environment. Featuring New Age Gifts, Metaphysical Products, Divination Items, Crystal Healing Wands, Celtic, Gemstone, Goddes Jewelry, Candles, Incense, Spell Kits, Gothic Alchemy, Witchcraft Herbs, and an over abundance of enchanting items to enhance your Personal Development.
    New Age Pagan
    International Wicca Supply Shop with a reputation for superior customer service.
    Pagan - Parenting
    This is a blog that I intend to write regular entries in, focusing on Paganism, parenting, and/or both.
    Pagan Blog
    Random musings from an average Pagan woman.
    Pagan Cafe
    A Free Online Pagan Social Networking Website Available Worldwide
    Pagan Dad
    Just a Pagan Father trying to raise his kids in the Old Ways and to honor the Old Gods.
    Pagan Musicians
    An official Social Network
    Pagan Tours
    Pagan Pilgrimage Tours - Celebrate Beltaine in Ireland. Join our small group of like-minded individuals on a spiritual journey across the mystical heart of Ireland. Meet fellow Pagans and join in rituals and ceremonies throughout the country this April 27th through May 6th 2009.
    Pagans of
    We are an online Pagan community with nearly 16,000 members from around the world. We would be pleased to have you join our family!
    Paiges Little Grasshopper
    Merry Meet! I own a small Pagan Shop in Milan, TN. I have this website for the conveniance of Pagans who may not be near a Magick Store. I hope you all will visit and check it out. Your buys pay our rent! We do not sell for profit! All sales are put back into the store, festivals, activities, charity, or more inventory. Blessed Be to All!!!
    Psychic Clairvoyant Readings
    Red River Wiccans Association Of Texas
    Eclectic Wiccan organization deep in the heart of Texas.
    TERRA was founded to foster a vibrant & diverse Pagan community in Pierce County by networking and hosting open events. It is our hope that people will get to know each other and come together to learn and grow.
    RVN (Real Vampyres Network)
    RVN Is a site designed for people in the Vampyre Subculture. The site is open for Dark, Grey, and White Neo-pagans: Psychic, Psionic, Hybrid, Sanguinarian, LHVs, and Strigoi Vii Vampyres. This site is also open to Donors, Black Swans, and White Swans. The material on the site is not suitable for minors. This is NOT a Fantasy or Roll Playing Game site! 18+ only to join.
    Sapphire Cloak Reborn
    A group of Pagan/Wiccans, Sharing thoughts, Ideas, concepts, rituals, beliefs, with those of like and or open mind.
    Serpent Tradition of Witchcraft Website
    This is the web den for the Serpent Tradition of Witchcraft.
    Shady Grove Designs
    Shady Grove Designs. - Beautiful Awens, Pentacles and Fantasy Art "A Realm of Magickal & Spiritual Exploration"
    Spells And Rites
    Supplies and information for your magical needs
    Spiritual Healing is inspirational and a wonderful guide to improve one’s spiritual journey. Find out more about my book inside, and also Daily Devotional.
    Spiritual, Mystical & Novelty Goods Store
    Our website provides lots of - Helpful & Interesting Books, Inspirational Audio, Jewelry, Incense & Oils, Crystals, Herbal Soaps, Candles and more. Plus Forums, Calendar /Events, Links (Looking for Exchangers), Survey (Opt). For a friendly, helpful service come in and take a look around.
    Spiritualist, Mystical and Novelty Goods
    Website selling lots of Books, Jewellery, Audio, Incense, Oils, Crystals, Candles and more in categories... Plus Forums, Calander/Events, Links (Want to be part of the crowd), Survey (Optional). Would love you to come and take a look around.
    Stir the Cauldron
    Tarot Fun and blog
    Tarot Reader and Medium
    I am a world-renowned tarot reader,medium with over 30 years of experience. I offer many forms of divination to help you with your needs. I am also a spell crafter.
    Tarot Readings and Interactive Fun Readings FREE
    Ture and Trusted Mediums and Psychics interactive online Tarot private sittings email readings Call back Service. Join the Psychic Forum
    Tarot Wyzdom by La Vonne
    Tarot Wyzdom offers contemporary uses of the tarot through private readings, group readings and parties. Search for great tarot decks, books and supplies as well as read the Tarot Wyzdom blog.
    The Bramble Wood
    Original Pagan/Wiccan Art - woodburn and watercolors, Harps, Bodhrans, Cauldrons of every size and THE best buys on Wiccan supplies!
    The Crescent Moon
    A Witchcraft Supply store offering items for All of YOUR Witchy Needs!
    The Enchanted Broom
    Merry Meet! This is where you will find unique handmade decorated besoms/brooms, wreaths, altar candles, complete spell jars and jewelry. Both owners are pagan and have many, many years of study and practice! We strive to make things unique to each owner and each item made is blessed times three! Happy shopping!
    The Fey Dragon
    Metpahysical Supplies and Witchcraft Store. Featuring unique items for the practitioner, many are handcrafted and ritually made. We also have pagan clergy listings and recommended reading lists.
    The Hedgewitch Inn
    Daily advice, magickal tips, recipes, spells and witchery....magic awaits!!
    The Lady of The Magickal Tarot
    Experienced Tarot Reader On-Line Tarot Theme Reading on password protected pages. 12 Month forecast, Fairy Gifts Reading, Vampire Reading & more.
    The Magickal Matrix.
    Occult Discussion Forum with a wide range of subjects including Pagan, Wicca, Magick, Witchcraft, Psychic Self defense. Even wider range which includes The Paranormal, UFOS Crop Circles and more
    The Purple Door Boutique
    The Purple Door has been serving Volusia County, Florida since 2000. We are less than 2 miles from Blue Springs State Park, Gemini Springs State Park and the best golf courses in Central Florida. Were also only 6 miles from Cassadaga. Our goal is to offer products and services to PEOPLE OF ALL FAITHS, BELIEFS, and BACKGROUNDS in order to promote love, understanding and acceptance of our fellow beings. The ambiance of the Purple Door is something to experience. From the time you enter until you leave you will feel relaxed and at peace. Whatever your religious or metaphysical needs are for products and services, we have what you need at PRICES YOU CAN AFFORD (no one is ever turned away from the Purple Door for lack of money.) At The Purple Door, our goal is to provide you with courteous, expedient, professional services of the highest caliber. We promote local charities, artists, healers, readers etc., and we promote gratitude, giving, love, laughter and joy and understanding for the highest good of all.
    The Sacred Oak
    A pagan metaphysical shop, that hand makes theire items. History Inspired Clothing, soaps, jewelry ritual items and more.
    The Spiritual Centre
    A young and exciting forum for like minded people to meet and share information on there chosen path. We have many topics to chose from which incluce Wicca, Witchcraft and Paganism and a section on spiritual development such as meditation, crystals, reiki, tarot and many more. Come over and join us - we look forward to greeting you at The Spiritual Centre.
    The Witches Community
    Offering pagan pen pal forums, chatroom, personal profiles, personal and site blogs, monthly e-zine, Wicca 101 blogs, and much more.
    The Witches Way - Home of all things Wiccan!
    Merry Meet! With in these pages you will find topics covering the history of Wicca, the Sabbats and Esbats, Wicca 101 Lessons, Recommended books, and so much more. You will also have access to several resources like Calender of Wiccan/Pagan Events (comming soon), forum, and more.
    The Witching Tree
    Pagan and witchcraft supplies and gifts. Also fairies and some hand made items unique to The Witching Tree
    The Witchs Den
    The Witchs Den is a brand new site I have made to help everyone become familiar with the Craft & all it has to offer. I am a long time Pagan and also an avid blogger/writer. This site is brand new and will undergo many changes before it is fully functional. Please join me in my journey.
    Tools for the working Witch
    I handcarve Wood :Athames,Staffs,and Wands.Have been handcarving tools for about 14 years,and have been a wood worker for about 25 years
    Triple Moons Dragon Magick
    We are a company that specializes in Hand made products, such as: Custom Blended Oils, Custom Lotions, Massage Oils, Handdipped Incense and more. Stop on in and check it out. Coming soon: Candles(soy) for general or magickal uses.
    Veils Edge
    A Pagan Merchant specializing in handcrafted wands, bindrunes, runes and altar stones. All of our items are crafted in Spirit. No mass production is involved in the making of these sacred objects..
    New Age book store,Psychic/Mediums,Reiki, Massgae,holistic wellness center,colon hydrotherapy, bach flower essence. aura photos.
    Visit Pagan News!
    My site is mainly to showcase my new release "Magick for the Kitchen Witch" (May 1 2009) that is being published by Andborough Publishing, LLC. But I also sell metaphysical supplies and have articles on Pagan topics posted in the side bar.
    Wiccan/Pagan Military community
    I put this site together for wiccans and pagans in the military to come together for support and learning. anyone is welcome to join but remember the site is for the military.
    Witch Basket
    A Celebration of Wiccans, Witches, and Spiritual Seekers! Seeking your writing submissions and selling our leftover stock at wholesale prices, but primarily, we just welcome you popping on by! Best Blessings!
    Wolf Run Wildlife & Spiritual Sanctuary
    Wolf Run Wildlife and Spiritual Sanctuary a Nondenominational Spiritual Center and Wildlife refuge.
    Your Spiritness Holistic Expo
    Holistic Expo Saturday, April 25, 2009 11a-7p Macomb College Sports & Expo Center 14500 E 12 Mile Rd, Warren, MI For general, vendor, & volunteering info visit $7 admission per person Get $2 off with this ad.


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