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Sekhmet - The Mighty One

Pantheon: Egyptian
Element: Fire
Sphere of Influence: Healing and Sorcery
Preferred colors: Gold, white, Green
Associated symbol: Ankh
Animals associated with: Lioness
Best day to work with: Sunday
Associated Planet: Sun

Wife to Ptah ("The beloved of Ptah"), Sekhmet was also regarded as the one "Great of Magic" whose knowledge of sorcery gave her a place in the service of healing. Yet she also represents the Fiery destructive heat of the Sun. She worked with Bast to destroy the enemies of the Sun God, by whom Sekhmet had to be restrained for her desire for battle was so great should could easily have wiped out the human race.

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In Egyptian mythology, Sekhmet ("the powerful one") was a war and disease goddess. The center of her cult was in Memphis, Egypt|Memphis. Her husband was Ptah (later, as Ptah-Seker) and their son, Nefertem.

Ra, the sun god, sent Sekhmet (herein a possible malevolent aspect of Hathor-- Het-Hert to destroy mortals who conspired against him; she grew very enthusiastic about this task and killed almost all of humanity. Re tricked her into drinking beer which he had colored like blood. She became so drunk that she was no longer able to continue the slaughter.

In spite of being a cause of disease, she was also prayed to for help in healing diseases. She was also associated with lionesses.

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