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Nephthys - Protector of the Dead

Pantheon: Egyptian
Element: Earth
Sphere of Influence: Protection and Bereavement
Preferred colors: White
Associated symbol: Horns around the moon.
Best day to work with: Monday
Best Moon phase: Full
Best time to work with: Midnight
Strongest around: Samhain
Associated Planet: Moon

Nephthys was married to Set, mother of Sobek and Anubis (from Osiris). She is protector of the good, and hates eveil doers. She is also the embodiment of grief, blaming herself for the death of Osiris at Sets hand. Those seeking sympathetic counsel may call on her.

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In Egyptian mythology, Nephthys is a goddess of the underworld, as well as childbirth. The name was also used as a title for the oldest woman in any household. She may have been another form of Bat or Neith.

In Egyptian art, her hair is similar to or the same as the cloth used to shroud corpses. She was depicted with a basket or a house on her head, and sometimes as a kite (bird)|kite, falcon, hawk or other bird. She is a daughter of Nuit and Seb and the wife of Set (mythology)|Set, with whom she is the mother of Anubis. She is the sister of Isis, with whom she is often depicted.

Alternative: Nebet-het, Nebt-het

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