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Pagan Traditions
In the sense we mean it here, a Tradition is a group or organization that initiates and instructs individuals in some kind of magical or spiritual path. Use the links on the left to find out more about a particular tradition. Do you know of a tradition that we need to include that is not here? Please let us know by sending email to Please include as much information as you can so we can research as thoroughly as possible!

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  • Tradition information: Black Forest Clan
    Black Forest Clan

    Founded by the author Silver RavenWolf and her husband MindWalker, The Black Forest Clan is considered Euro-Wiccan, drawing from Silver's German heritage and Pow-Wow training, and the excellent training she received from her Old Guard Wiccan magickal teachers. The Black Forest Clan was established in South Central Pennsylvania. Early Pennsylvania Dutch settlers melded their magick with that of the Native Americans they encountered, and the result is what became known as Pow-Wow. Black Forest Clan's original members were native to York, Cumberland, Perry and Dauphin Counties. Since its inception around Silver RavenWolf's dining room table, in the early 90's, BFC has grown steadily, and at the time of writing it has 30 covens across the US and Canada, including 23 covens and 1 collective. The Black Forest Clan is a dual Tradition. Part of its teachings are Celtic Witchcraft, and part are Germanic Witchcraft.

    The Black Forest is not a social organization and does not charge an initiation or elevation fee. The Black Forest training program is designed specifically to train Wiccan Clergy, and therefore does not train individuals new to the Craft, nor is it considered a social organization. It takes up to five years to work through the program and each individual must travel to the annual Grand Coven Event. Most Black Forest Witches are over the age of thirty-five and all are family oriented.

    Individuals may receive their third elevations only after they have completed the required lessons, performed 100 hours of community service and taken a monitored seven hour written examination.

    The course of instruction involves 13 lessons, three of which are totally interactive. Studies include general Wicca, European Witchcraft, Pow-Wow Arts, Herbalism, Astrology, Beginning Spiritual Alchemy, Group Management and Divination, and how you use these skills in your every day life. The government is based on Gardnerian structure.


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