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Pagan Traditions
In the sense we mean it here, a Tradition is a group or organization that initiates and instructs individuals in some kind of magical or spiritual path. Use the links on the left to find out more about a particular tradition. Do you know of a tradition that we need to include that is not here? Please let us know by sending email to Please include as much information as you can so we can research as thoroughly as possible!

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  • Tradition information: Seax-Wicca
    Seax-Wicca was started by Raymond Buckland in the early seventies. Originally instructed by Gerald Gardner to bring Wicca to the US, Buckland became dis-illusioned with the politics and powerplays that began to develop in US Wicca.

    Seax-Wicca was designed to have a more democratic coven structure, and to allow even solitaries to become initiated into the tradition.

    The principle teachings, structure and rituals of Seax-Wicca are included in Buckland's book The Tree (recently released under the title "Saxon Witchcraft")

    Seax-Wicca is a Saxon oriented and so the gods Woden and Freya are the most important deities in this tradition.

    The coven structure of Seax-Wicca is as follows:

    - A Theow is an interested non-initiate (somewhat like Cowen)
    - A Ceorl is a neophyte, one undergoing training
    - A Gesith is an initiate.

    There are no degrees of advancement within Seax-Wicca. Once a solitary has initiated themselves to Gesith, that initiation is recognized by any Seax-Wicca coven they may join in the future. Covens may also take someone from Theow to Gesith.

    Roles within the coven are as follows:

    - Priest and/or Priestess
    - Scribe, who acts as coven secretary
    - Thegn who serves as Guard, Watchmen and Sergeant-at-Arms

    All covens are autonomous. There are no High Priests/Priestesses, No King or Queen and no hierarchy of covens. Buckland himself has been given the title of Faeder ("Father") since he is the founder of the tradition, but the title is purely gratuitous.

    There is no Book of Shadows, or any Oathbound material within Seax-Wicca. All teachings are open, all rituals and sabbats can be open. The Seax-Wiccans celebrate all the major and minor sabbats, and typically study the Runes, Herbal Lore, the Tarot and Hwata (a form of divination using seven wands) as part of their training.

    Known resources, groups and covens for Seax-Wicca

  • jYXNyzaYSU - Resource
  • Trollipian Coven - Coven (Durban KZN South Africa)
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