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Pagan Traditions
In the sense we mean it here, a Tradition is a group or organization that initiates and instructs individuals in some kind of magical or spiritual path. Use the links on the left to find out more about a particular tradition. Do you know of a tradition that we need to include that is not here? Please let us know by sending email to Please include as much information as you can so we can research as thoroughly as possible!

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  • Tradition information: Odyssean
    The Odyssean tradition evolved out of the Wicca Church of Canada, which was started by Richard and Tamarra James. Originally Gardnerian/Alexandrian in origins, the church began performing public rituals in 1979, which was highly unusual for a British tradition, and lead to a somewhat more eclectic evolution, although the tradition maintains a strict initiation and degree structure. The training is quite rigorous in many ways more so than BTW because it includes training for organizing and working with public rituals.

    The Odyssean tradition places emphasis on public ministry and polarity the God/Goddess balance is seen as highly important. The rituals themselves have a less structured approach than BTW, but more than most eclectics.

    Individual members are encouraged to associate with and learn as much as possible about a particular pantheon, whilst also learning about and maintaining respect for the beliefs and cultural mores of others.

    In addition to the three degrees of BTW, there are two 'pre-degrees' dedication and Neophyting. A Neophyte begins the road to priesthood and becomes oathbound. While 1st degree can be obtained within two or three years, 2nd degree takes considerably longer, and 3rd degree is only obtained in exceptional circumstances.

    Known resources, groups and covens for Odyssean

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