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A series of articles exploring the shift of consciousness that is happening all around us as we move into a new age of Spirituality, Unity and Love.

Interview with an Angel by Silas Jackson
Interview with an Angel
By Silas Jackson
 A Note to the Reader:

Everyone has a companion Angel; a celestial being with whom their life and growth are intimately, inseparably entwined.  I’ve recently had the good-fortune to talk with my own Angel, and it is my pleasure to now present the reader with a few of the deeper insights I’ve gained through exploring our connection, and share a good many direct quotations from my Angelic counterpart. 

 Our talk has undergone some editorial, for the sake of clarity and wider applicability, as well as to weave material from several different conversations into the course of a single narrative.  I’ve remained true to the original meaning and spirit of all that my Angel offered in answer to my questions; but keep it in mind that the rather conventional setting of the “interview” is a fabrication for the reader’s sake.  The actual conversations which are herein recreated took place over several days, as part of a slow and meditative process.  

As you begin to read, belief in Angels is not a prerequisite.  Simply keep an open mind.  If any point that follows is helpful to you, it is our hope that you will take it for your own, divested of any esotericism shrouding its origins which you find difficult to accept.  Above all, proceed lightly.  A conversation with an Angel is not deadly-serious business.  

The Interview:

As we enter the sky-blue painted room in which we shall be conducting our interview, I am momentarily dazzled by the bountiful sunlight pouring in through the banks of windows to either side. We slide into a pair of comfortable, simple wicker chairs, facing each other.  I set my tape-recorder on a low glass table between us, and ask if it’s all right for me to tape our chat, so I may better transcribe it to share with others.  

“Of course it’s all right,” the Angel replies, “Share with whomever you will.  Joy is not to be kept to yourself.”  

I have to admit to myself that sitting across from the Angel is a rather joyful experience.  Simply being in the presence of such an entity sets my mind at beautiful ease; I feel weightless and serene, as if my whole body were pervaded with cool, tingling light.  Yet I maintain my professionalism and objectivity as I draw my notebook from my jacket and prepare my questions. 

Silas: I think it would be prudent to begin with a question which has long vexed many of those who will read this interview.  What, exactly, is an Angel?  Could you describe the Angels for me, and perhaps tell me a bit about how you relate to humanity? 

Angel: The Angels are love as an active force; the personifications of the compassion which contains and pervades all existence, in its active phase.  

S: “In its active phase”? 

A: Yes, the underlying Principle behind all manifest reality is both passive and active.  Imagine a plant sprouting.  It requires stable, fertile earth in which to root.  This can be seen as the passive supporting factor of its existence.  But in order for the plant to continue to manifest and progressively transform itself, it also requires an active supporting factor: the energy of the sun pouring over it, in constant motion, facilitates its growth and further development.  The Angels can be seen as this active principle; our function is the facilitation of your further growth, by whatever activity we can offer to provide the conditions and events supportive of your development, physically, psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually.  

S: Like an intelligent Cosmic-force? 

A: Yes.  You could view the Angels as a sort of spiritual mucilage between human beings, as well as between human beings and the forward-leading aspects of their environment which promote learning; we bring together people when there is potential for connection, and help supply the situations and experiences which will allow you to heal and overcome blocks to your continued development.  

S:  You describe the Angels as being fairly impersonal, in a way.  Are you saying that you’re a Cosmic-force, and devoid of individual entity?  

A:  We have manifest characteristics only in your perceptions.  The law of gravity pulls you towards the ground.  You need only trip and fall to experience gravity as an empirical reality.  Your perception of it is based upon its direct effects to yourself.  The Angels, on the other hand, effect you indirectly.  Thus, our activity is more subtle, and difficult to perceive.

Suppose you were in an auto accident, and miraculously emerged unharmed.  A mathematician could map-out the input of various factors: momentum, trajectory, friction, et cetera.  Now, if you analyze these factors, you could posit that it was likely you would survive unharmed, all along.  

But why?  This arrangement of factors which allowed you to survive unscathed was not the only possible course the event could have taken.  Thus you arrive at the vague, imperceptible activity of the Angels turning the course of circumstances.  With the arising of this understanding, another force is suddenly perceived as having allowed you to walk away from the accident:  a mathematician could not factor this influence into his conception of the event, for it is not manifest empirically.  You may know well that it was the activity of Angels which saved you, but one cannot say where the Angel ends and the other, opportunely arranged forces begin! 

S: So you’re saying the Angels are so tightly woven into everything else that we cannot consider you to be individual beings, other than in our own perception of you?

A: You make it sound as though we’re imaginary! (Laughs.)  I’m simply saying we cannot be grasped by conceptual, relative understanding.  We exist as individuals, in your perceptions.  The key point is we exist.  This may be an affront to the linear, rational faculties of your mind, but let go of the urge to hastily crumple the reality of our existence into a compartmentalized, logical conception, and allow it to unfurl fully and make complete sense in its own right. 

S: Allow you to spread your wings, and we’ll be surprised by how far they reach, so to speak?

A: Exactly.

S: So in that case, you, as my own companion Angel, are not the concrete entity I perceive you to be.  In my perceptions you are, but that is simply for my benefit in relating to you.  In truth you are a much more vast, and connect me to the universe as a whole in a much more diffuse fashion than I can generally understand?  Very interesting... I’m curious, do you have a name?  An individual name, I mean.  

(The Angel is silent for some time, either reflecting on how best to answer, or quietly amused by my continuous harping on such a dualistic approach to understanding.)

A: Call me Heart.  It’s the perfect name for me, because I’m not actually separate from you.  

S: All right, Heart, (I can’t help but smirk as I say this, and the Angel seems to find it humorous also) You said earlier that Angels draw people together when there is potential for connection.  Could you clarify that a bit?

H: You’ve had the experience of an old friend suddenly contacting you, only days after you thought you should like to get back in touch with them. 

S: Yes, I have.  It’s funny you mention it, only a few days ago I"

H: Oh, that wasn’t a question. I know you’ve had that experience, because I helped bring it about.  You see, when people are ready to reestablish contact, the Angels rush in to make it happen.  That friend of yours whom you thought of, who then contacted you soon after, got the idea to contact you from his Angel.  His Angel suggested it because I carried over the message that you were ready to renew the relationship, and that little chip in the barrier of separation between people is enough to make us spring into action.  

S: So when my friend contacted me, and I thought it was just a coincidence, it was actually the fruit of your work?

H: Yes, it was.  It was no trouble, you can thank me later.  Angels are love as an active force; we value every scrap of friendship that arises between people, because every bit of love, no matter how small, has to be nurtured.  It’s the force which will transform the world. 

S: And this activity of the Angels, drawing people together, doesn’t just extend to estranged friends?  

H: Oh, no.  Not at all.  Anytime there is potential for two people to connect, we work to bring them together.  Whether they’re old friends who just need a little push to get back in touch, or two total strangers who, for one reason or another (and the subtleties of interpersonal dynamics are too involved to go into here), are ready to strike up a relationship of some sort, or a man in a foul mood who just needs the slightest inducement to turn his head and see children playing in a park or a dog fetching a ball for its laughing owner, thus banishing the dark corners from his face with a smile, the Angels are in constant motion helping make these vital connections: like the sunlight pouring over the plant, helping it to grow. 

S: Thank you, both for sharing this with me and for doing what you do.  

H: Always.  

S: So far we’ve concentrated on Angels and their activities, what about the human end of this relationship?  Continuing with this same topic, for instance, is it possible for humans to follow your guidance to where they can do the most to embody this transformative force of connection between people?  Could you, for example, lead me into the deepest, most authentic relationships possible, or past barriers which generally separate people? 

H: I don’t have to lead you anywhere.  You can embody this transformative, Angelic force wherever you are, with the people you are with, in thousands of small ways, thousands of small gestures.  Eye-contact; offering a smile, these are noble acts!  You don’t need an Angel to teach you to do it.  I hope it helps you to know I’m here with you, and that I’ll be with you whenever and wherever you make the effort to open your heart to another person and to life, but ultimately that effort is yours to make.  I can’t make you do it.  The sun doesn’t force the plant to grow; the plant has to be willing.  

S: So you’re saying people don’t need to learn to work with the Angels as badly as they need to learn to work with themselves and each other?

H: That’s right.  We’re just here to help, and will continue to help, and will be able to help even more, the more you open to your Angels.  

S: Thank you so much for your time, it has been great talking with you.  Really, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your patience in answering my questions and clearing up so many issues.  I’m sure all that you’ve offered here will go a long way in helping someone, somewhere embrace their Angel and start down the road of exploring their connectedness to everything, or even embrace their own potential to be Angelic, and unfurl their wings to soar on the updraft of unconditional compassion.  

H: And I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to be getting to know each other, like this.  Of course, we’ve known each other for a long, long time, but talking this way has been wonderful.  Don’t go acting indebted, as if the benefit is one-sided!  I learned as much as you did.  

The questions may be even more important than the answers; sometimes just thinking about what your asking will lay your whole nature out bare in front of you, and you can stop reaching out for an answer to grab hold of. 

S: Is there anything else you’d like to say, before we finish? 

(This question was still reverberating in the air between us when I fell out of myself, into an awareness of being empty, open, and full of everyone and everything.  I saw, stretching out like an unfathomable sea, the bottom of which I could stoop down and touch with my hand if I only knew it, my whole vast, intuitive heart/mind.  Just for the duration of a finger-snap, I knew I wasn’t separate or different from anyone else.  

I knew my whole sense of self, my ego, my psyche, and my personal characteristics were just like a speck of froth on top of milk; beneath that thin, transient layer the depth of cool, untrammeled liquid unfolded ever downwards towards the place where every speck of froth on the surface found its common origin.  I saw the Angels, too, dancing between people, holding them together like glue, personifying the active and passive wisdom which is the support of us all; holding us close, perfect as we are, and also gently urging us forward, to the point where we can pop the bubbles in the froth, and relax back into the pool without any tensions or clinging; utterly laying our suffering aside.)

S: Whoa...(I sat bolt upright in my chair as I drifted back into ordinary awareness.  The chair across from me was empty.)

S: I’d say “I’ll show myself out”, but I know you’re coming with me; so I’ll just say “talk to you soon.”

You can contact Silas via his facebook page:

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