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A series of articles exploring the shift of consciousness that is happening all around us as we move into a new age of Spirituality, Unity and Love.

As Above So Below by Vaughan Wynne-Jones
As Above So Below
By Vaughan Wynne-Jones
"'That which is above is the same as that which is below'...Macrocosmos is the same as microcosmos. The universe is the same as God, God is the same as man, man is the same as the cell, the cell is the same as the atom, the atom is the same as...and so on, ad infinitum."

The above phrase comes from the Emerald Tablet, the philosophies of Hermes Trismegistus, which forms the foundation for Hermetic philosophy. The age of the document is not precisely known, but it is referenced as long ago as the early middle ages, although it is believed by many to be at least a thousand years older than that. There is also a similar concept in christianity - 'On Earth as it is in Heaven'.

The basic idea is that what we see in man, we see in God, or the Source. This make sense, because from what we have learned of the structure of the universe, a simple pattern get repeated over and over to create larger more complex patterns. This is the basis, by the way of fractal imaging, something that has allowed such lifelike special effects such as fire, forests and great sweeping computer generated vistas to become prevalent in movies in recent years. Let's examine some common concepts, such as brain, mind, love,one and self. We use these words a lot, and their meanings are sometimes unclear. Note I am using lower case letters for the words in the first part of this.

The mind is the brain in action. The electrical impulses that move between the synapses. The self is the point of view that we have of the world around us, and of ourselves. Each of us has a singular point of view. That is the commonality that we all share. We each can only truly have one point of view.

Now in this world of mind, we occasionally use the phrase 'I love you'. This phrase, as we have all learned at various times (usually the hard way), means different things to different people.  'I love you' as it is said in human terms usually comes with attachment.

'I love you - marry me.'
'I love you - don't leave!'
'You said you loved me! How could you...?'

The word love in human terms is something that appears, grows and perhaps twists and dies. It almost always carries with it judgment, possession, expectation and trust. One person's idea of what 'love' means, is frequently at odds with another person's idea, and that is leaving aside all the various types of love such as familial, erotic and so on.

judgment implies there is something that can be wrong. Possession implies there is something that you do not have. Expectation offers the potential for disappointment, and trust is simply another word for expectation, although we tend to pretend it means something else. All these come from ego, the illusion that we can somehow control something outside of us. This is an illusion because there is really nothing outside of us. It is simply that each of us appear as a small cell within the body of the collective consciousness, and our sensory and limbic systems are set up to trick us into believe we are somehow the finished being.

So these then are the 'so below' concepts. All of these, come from meat. Our bodies are meat, our brains are meat. When they expire, these small experiences pass away. So how do these things look 'As above'?

If we use capital letters to differentiate, we can say that Mind (as opposed to mind) represents the collective consciousness. Which would mean that the Mind is the Big Brain in action - the thoughts of the Source.

What does Self mean in this context? Self is the Source. It is the collective consciousness, of which we are all part. The Self holds all points of view of the human experience, but sees them all from the perspective of Self. In effect, you can always say 'I Am' - whether that means the little 'I am' of the individual human experience, or the big 'I Am' of the spiritual, collective one.

When we see that we are all one, that we are simply in an illusion of reality - a dream if you will, we can see that the Universe is a zero sum game. Because whatever is done to another, by another, is ultimately just different aspects of the Self. We are all One, although in the human experience we perceive ourselves as just one - one small individual, disconnected from the rest of the world, and desperately seeking to restore that connection.

Ironically, when we release attachment, all attachment to outcome, to each other, to the past and the future, and live simply in the Now, then we can finally reconnect fully with Source. Here we recognize that there is no need for judgment of each other, or for hatred or dislike of each other. For there is no real separation between us, simply the illusion of it. We are ultimately judging ourselves, hating ourselves - beating ourselves up.

The medium that binds this experience together we can call Love. Love without attachment to any particular person, event or thing, for they are after all, all the same.

Love that is universal, and recognizes that each of us is experiencing an individual point of view, none more valid than the next. Love that celebrates each of us on our journey, regardless of whether that journey appears (for it is illusion) to separate us from one another or not. Love in essence, is the Universe at a fundamental level. Some call it the Zero Point Field, or the Force, or some other name. It is the simple place of being, in which the dream of reality occurs.

We are not separate, the human experience simply looks that way. We are truly one consciousness - no separation between God and Man, for they are ultimately the same thing.

mind, brain, self, love, one.   Mind, Brain, Self, Love, One.

As above, So below.

Vaughan Wynne-Jones is author of Being Human - A Guide to Metaphysics and various articles on spirituality. If you have any questions about this article or wish to publish it elsewhere you may contact him via MySpace. Parts of this article are included in his new book, Love & Gratitude, A Guide to Quantum Spirituality, due out in Fall 2009. Potential publishers contact for more information.


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