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Correspondences for 'Abundance' spells
Creating a good spell is like baking a good cake. All the ingredients need to be just right. The first ingredient to consider is the deity (or deities) that you will call on for your spell.

Abundance spells are associated with the following deities:

  • The Olympian Deity Hecate/Carmenta (Goddess of the Crossroads) - A suitable offering would be Honey, Pomegranate.
  • The Celtic Deity Brighid (Goddess of Fire, Healing and Smithcraft) - A suitable offering would be Fire, Coins, Blackberries.
  • The Celtic Deity Dagda (The Good God)
  • The Celtic Deity Llyr (God of the Sea)

    Each of these Gods has their own needs in terms of offerings, colors and the best time to work with them. The spell itself (in this case Abundance), also has its own special energies which should be attended to. Unless otherwise stated, spells grow in power between the new and full moon (waxing) and reduce in power during waning moons.

    For Abundance spells, the best day to perform the spell is Sunday, since Sunday is associated with Abundance. (In fact it is associated with all of these: health, abundance, healing, confidence and hope, prosperity).

    You should also be sure to use the right herbs, candles, perfumes and incense for your ritual. For your Abundance ritual, the following would be appropriate, in addition to any offerings you wish to make to the chosen deity:

    Correspondences for Abundance
    Incense: Mastic, Palaginia, Pepper, Dragons Blood
    Perfumes:heliotrope, orange blossom, cloves, frankincense, ambergris, musk, myrrh
    Candles: Green, Gold .
    Herbs: Jasmine Flowers, Cinnamon Powder, Yellowdock Root, Cedarwood Chips .

    Remember to check the needs of the Gods and Goddesses you intend to work with also, and include appropriate offerings for them.
    Every Tradition has its own method of ritual construction, so you will have to decide how best to incorporate all the above elements into your calls, casting, purification and offerings. All these elements help to raise the cone of power, and focus the attention of the deities, the elemental forces and you, on the matter at hand. Finally we come to the spell itself. Here is a Abundance spell you can use for this ritual:

    Spell for Abundance

    You will Need:

  • A Green Pen
  • A Check from YOUR checkbook.

    Write a check to yourself. In the amount field, put Paid in Full. Sign the Check: The Law of Abundance.
    Put the check somewhere safe.

    When you have completed the spell, thank the gods and carry out your normal closing ceremonies.

    We hope the above spell and information is useful to you. Please Let us know how you got on!

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