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Results for 'Thrift'
The herbs shown below match your search for 'Thrift'. Please remember that you cannot simply stuff a bunch of herbs in your mouth and feel better. Some are taken orally, but many are taken topically. Incorrect dosage or application can be harmful. Once you have found a herb that appears to meet your needs, you should seek expert advice before attempting to use it!

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Thrift - Armeria maritima (Plumbaginaceae)

(sea pink)

Description: An evergreen perennial that forms mounds of narrow grassy leaves on woody rootstalks. In summer produces honey scented short stemmed white or light pink flowers. Uses: Fresh or dried leaves applied as a poultice to an area that requires sterilizing. Valuable as a poultice for its antiseptic properties. CAUTION: Not recommended to be taken internally as it has been shoen to cause such side effects as dermatitis.

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