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Goddess of Death and the Underworld

Pantheon: Norse
Element: Earth
Sphere of Influence: Death and Destruction
Preferred colors: Black, Grey, Green
Associated symbol: None
Best day to work with: Wednesday
Best Moon phase: New moon
Best time to work with: Midnight
Strongest around Samhain
Associated Planet: Pluto, Mercury
Sphere of influence:
Name of Deity:
Day of the Week:

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The daughter of Loki, Hel was confined to Niflheim by the gods. She is the goddess of death and the underworld and received the spirits of the dead, which she kept them in the elder tree until it was time for them to be reborn. Those wishing to live a long and happy life would do well to appease her.

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* Hel (goddess) Norse goddess of the underworlds
* Hel, Poland is a town in Poland
* Hel Peninsula is a peninsula on the Polish shores of the Baltic Sea.