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  • Crystals

    Crystals are the Earth's oldest gift to us. They have formed over millions of years and the variety of their colors, textures and vibrations are myriad.

    They are used in healing, meditation and spell craft, and each stone has its own special properties which can greatly aid in any spiritual work undertaken, whether they are used individually or combined into groups.

    The table below can be used to serve as a brief introduction to their uses, and their correspondences with planets, astrological symbols, etc.

    Crystal Color Chakra Keyword Uses Sephiroth Zodiac Sign Planet Element
    Agate Red, orange, yellow, blue, brow 2nd - sacral Relationships to self & others Grounding, breaking bad habits, blessing, cleansing, gaining confidence, personal safety, safety during travel, artistic expression, calming Gemini Mercury
    Amber Yellow, orange, rust, copper, g 2nd - sacral Focus, cleansing Clearing up problems with authority figures, clear stress-related stomach problems Cancer Mars Water
    Amethyst Pale lavender to deep violet 6th - 3rd eye,7th - crown Loving, knowing Blessing, cleansing, understanding an addiction, promotes peace, stops headaches, aids meditation Chesed Aquarius Jupiter Water
    Aquamarine Pale blue to blue-white, pale b 5th - throat Calm communication Promotes intuition, aids meditation, blessing, cleansing, safe travel, soothes headaches when placed over 6th chakra Aquarius Water
    Aventurine Yellow-brown to blue-green 4th - heart Happy heart Soothes, promotes physical & mental well-being
    Bloodstone Dark green with red spots 1st - base Release of fear Facilitates environmental cleanup, eases through change Scorpio Mars
    Blue lace agate Blue with wavy white lines 5th - throat Communication Releases negative self-talk, promotes communication with spirit guides Gemini Mercury Air
    Carnelian Orange-red 2nd - sacral Creativity, manifestation Increases motivation, focuses desire with purpose
    Citrine Yellow to golden-brown 3rd - solar plexus Self-realization Promotes intuition, stimulates business & employment, helps minds evolve
    Diamond Pale yellow to blue to white 7th - crown Grace under pressure, free will Identifies causes of disease, clears distraction, builds stamina, helps determine path Kether Aries
    Emerald Bright green 4th - heart Beauty, emotion Promotes inspiration, happiness, poetry, companionship Netzach Taurus Venus Fire
    Flourite Black to green to purple 6th - 3rd eye Spiritual connection Helps teeth & bones in an elixir, releases blockages, energizes
    Garnet Deep red to brown, green. yello 1st - base Potential, vitality Heals the back, promotes monogamy, develops talents Capricorn Mars
    Hematite Shiny silver-black 1st, base Grounding, balancing Strengthens, increases stability, transforms negativity
    Jade Pale to dark green, lilac, yell 4th - heart To dream Uplifts & promotes youthfulness, propts the aquisition of wisdom Venus
    Jasper Red, green, yellow, brown 1st, base Confidence Promotes monogamy, achievement of goals, fertility Aries
    Lapis lazuli Midnight blue with silver or wh 5th - throat, 6th - 3rd eye Psychological strength Heals sore throats, aids in public speaking & meditation, heals blue moods Taurus Jupiter
    Malachite Green with banding 4th - heart, 6th - 3rd eye Understanding Aids meditation, promotes understanding of illness, regenerates hearing, amplifies current mood Libra Venus
    Mica Various colors depending on whi 6th - 3rd eye Self-understanding Dreamwork, aids meditation, banishes fear, regenerates hearing & sight
    Moonstone Pearly white 7th - crown Hearth & home Aids intuition & meditation, protects family, house blessing, conducts Cancer Moon Water
    Obsidian Black 1st - base Teacher Purifies, balances, promotes safety, cleanses negativity Scorpio
    Obsidian, snowflake Black with white snowflakes 1st - base, 7th crown Balance Reveals life's purpose, promotes spirituality
    Opal Black to white & multi transluc 4th - heart, 6th - 3rd eye Peace Calms, aids sleep, love, mental focus Hod Libra Mercury Water
    Peridot Yellow-green 4th - heart Self-love Expells excess mucus, facilitates body awareness, encourages sense of humor Virgo Saturn Earth
    Petrified wood Brown 1st - base Personal strength Facilitates environmental cleanup, survival, aligns feet, balances walking rhythm, preserves good health
    Quartz Clear all Everything Energizes other crystals, aids meditation, blesses, cleanses Yesod Moon Air
    Rhodocrosite Pink toned 4th - heart Peace Provides understanding of purpose of sex, encourages artistic talent, relieves stress
    Rose quartz Pale pink to rose 4th - heart Love Cleanses, promotes peace & friendship Venus
    Ruby Red to deep indigo 4th - heart Feminine, mother Increases beauty, aligns spine, assists artistic talent, protects, gives courage, reveals marital issues Geburah Aries Mars Fire
    Sandstone Tan to rust - colored 3rd - sacral Peaceful sleep Induces sleep, facilitates communication, encourages artistic talent
    Sapphire Deep blue 6th - throat Tranquility Banishes negativity, assists mental focus, clarifies emotions, honors independence, increases metabolic efficiency, tones & softens skin Binah Virgo Jupiter
    Smoky quartz Smoky brown to gray 2nd - sacral Fun Soothes sore throats, stetches limbs, protects, promotes acceptance, assists finding employment, encourages pleasure Air
    Sodalite Dark blue, but also red, yellow 5th - throat Communication Tones lymph glands, eases sore throat, encourages integrity, aids sleep
    Tiger eye Yellow to brown 3rd - solar plexus Power Sharpens senses, releases fears, protects, brings prosperity Leo Sun Fire
    Topaz Yellow to gold to orange-red to 2nd - sacral Teacher Releases infection, tones immune system, develops curiosity & humor, fosters communication Tiphareth Scorpio Sun Air
    Tourmaline Various red, green, black, blue 1st - base Banishing Soothes sore muscles, grounds, calms, centers, aligns posture, grants inner peace Gemini Mercury Air
    Turquoise Blue to blue-green opaque 6th - 3rd eye, 5th - throat Spirituality Enhances artistic talent, draws like-minded people to you, cleanses, purifies, protects, brings tranquility, aids study habits, sharpens eyesight, soothes sore throat Chockmah Sagittarius Venus Fire

    The above correspondences were selected in order of precedent from Liber 777 by Aleister Crowley, The Self-Initiation into the Golden Dawn by Chic and Sandra Tabatha Cicero, and SoulQuest Learning Center