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Aegir, the God of the Sea, is married to Ran. His realm is the deep ocean, his dominion the storms and the turbulent waters of the great seas. Treasures swallowed by the sea adorned his great marine palace. If you intend to travel by sea, and hope for a calm voyage, appeasing Aegir would be a good idea. Aegir is also the god of beer and brewing.
Originally the chief god of Thebes, Amon grew increasingly important in Egypt, and eventually he became the supreme deity, identified as Amon Ra (See Ra). His temple, Karnak, is the largest religious structure ever built by man. Amun was thought of as the creative source of all life in heaven and earth, the seas and the Underworld. This creative power was manifested in the form of Ra, hence Amun-Ra. Amun is frequently represented as a ram or as a human with a rams head. The Egyptians believed that he took the form of the ruling human King in order to procreate. His name means "hidden"; his image was painted blue, which was the symbol of invisibility. His wife was Mut, with whom he had the son Khonsu, the god of the moon.
An is the Father of the Gods. Also know as Anu, but not to be confused with the Celtic Goddess of that name. An and Ki came into being out of Nammu, the Primeval Mother. An was Heaven, Ki the Earth - and his sister. When Heaven and Earth were separated by Enlil, the young Air God, Anu came down to Earth (the domain of Ki) and made life grow. An held the divine intelligence that conceived the Universe. He was in charge of the divine ordinances, the "Me", and decrees of fates. On earth, in Babylonian times, he conferred kingship to the leadership of the city states. AN symbolized Power & Justice. In addition to the Star and Horned Crown, other symbols associated with him are the diadem and the staff of command.
Angus Mac Og
One of the Tuatha de Danaan (Children of Danu), the son of was the illicit child of Dagda and Boand. He is sometimes called Angus the Young, for he was conceived and born in the same day. God of youth, love, and beauty. He had a gold harp that made irresistibly sweet music. His kisses became birds carrying love messages. Work with him in matters related to love.
Mother Earth, Goddess of Plenty.The flowering fertility goddess. Her priestesses comforted and taught the dying. Maiden aspect of the Triple Goddess in Ireland. Goddess of fertility, prosperity, comfort and death. She gave birth to The Tuatha De Danann - the gods of Ireland.
The souls of the dead are protected on their journey to the halls of judgement by Anubis, son of Osiris and Nepthys. He is the guardian of cemeteries and sacred places.
Goaded by his mother, Cronus being jealous of Uranus great power and wanting it for himself, castrated his father, and tossed his fathers genitals into the foam of the ocean. It was here that Aphrodite was born. Her name comes from aphros meaning "sea foam", where she was created. Aphrodite is the goddess of romantic love, sexual desire and great beauty. She loves laughter, creativity and passion. Aphrodite gives us the word Aphrodisiac, the legendary potion that could enhance the act of love making, and which was also the name of her festival, where she would be worshipped via the act of lovemaking, her priestesses serving as the catalyst for this worship. Aphrodite is accompanied by the three Graces, who love charm and beauty in nature, and in life. Some times they are seen as aspects of Aphrodite, or deities in their own right. They are Aglaea (who loves Splendor), Euphrosyne (who is heartened by mirth), and Thalia, who embodies a cheery disposition.
The god of music, prophecy, medicine, light and healing. Apollo favors healing and forgiveness over destruction and war. He teaches courage in the face of danger, and compassion for those less fortunate. Work with Apollo to help heal a loved one.
God of Annwn (the Underworld). Primarily an Underworld deity and Death god, he is unsuccessful whenever he gets involved with wars and conflicts so usually solves problems by making deals and alliances.
Ares is the God of War and of battle. He is the wrath of evil men, the bringer of swift and savage justice. He rushes in where angels fear to tread, and leaves chaos and destruction in his wake.
Goddess of Reincarnation, Sky Goddess, Full Moon Goddess. Mother of Lleu (Lugh) and Dylan by her brother, Gwydion. Keeper of the circling Silver Wheel of Stars, a symbol of time or karma. This wheel was also known as the Oar Wheel, a ship which carried dead warriors to the Moonland (Emania). Mother aspect of the Triple Goddess.
Artemis of the Golden Shafts is the Goddess of the hunt, of untamed nature, Lady of the Beasts. She is protector of the earth and environment, emphasizing the importance of balance. She understands that we must kill to live, but insists we take no more than is neccesary for our survival. She is patroness of birth and fertility. She is a great deity to call upon for a safe childbirth or successful conception!
She was closely associated in Canaanite worship with Baal. Usually a pole or tree was erected in memory of Asherah near the Baal altar. She was the goddess of fertility and the goddess of sex. Asherahs worship involved sexual excesses to bring rain and thereby quicken the ability of animals and people to reproduce. She is invoked in childbirth and at planting time. She is associated with sacred groves, and is often depicted as an unshaped piece of wood or a naked, curly-haired goddess riding a lion and holding lillies and serpents.
The favorite daughter of Zeus, Athena is credited with bringing skills such as weaving, pottery, horsemanship and charioteering to mankind. Athena is credited with invention of the chariot. Although expert in military tactics and the art of war, she is protective of civilization and where Ares attacks and destroys, she defends and protects. She is also known by the name Britannia, from whence Great Britain got its name (in A.D. 43).
The consort of El and mother of Athtar and seventy gods. Athirat is also known as Elat (feminine form of El). Her sons all have godly courts. She frequents the ocean shore.
Attis is commonly depicted as a handsome goatherd or shepherd playing the pipes or dancing. Sometimes he has wings. He is often shown wearing a wreath of pine cones and pomegranates and carrying corn and fruit. He is Closely linked to the seasonal cycle, like his wife, Cybele Despite being often compared to the Pan and Adonis, Attis is a little different in that he was castrated. Various tales exist to explain this, usually involving Attis being a hermaphrodite, that wooed the Goddess Cybele, but then subsequently strayed. The castration was self inflicted as an act of repentance. Another common theme is the preservation of Attis' body after death, a gift from Zeus at Cybele's request.
Auriel (Uriel) is most well known for his role as Regent of the Sun in the book of Revelation where he calls forth the birds of the air to feast upon the fallen. As one of the most faithful and dedicated members of the host, Uriel was also placed in charge of Tartarus (another name for Hades), warned Noah of the impending flood (although Raphael is credited with teaching the building of the ark), and attacked Moses for failing to circumcise his son. Accepted as an archangel by the christian church for many centuries, he was finally removed from the records in 745 CE as the church became increasingly concerned with the prominence the public was placing upon angels. His position was taken by Anael (The Glory of God). He is still honored, however, in some wiccan traditions.
Also known as The Rider of the Clouds, Baal is depicted in the form of a bull or a man. He was the male sun-god, responsible for the growth in nature. Storms and thunder was attributed to him.
Goddess of Life, wisdom, enlightenment, and inspiration. Mother aspect of the Triple Goddess in Ireland. Sister of Macha, the Morrigu, and Anu. Seek her counsel when you wish to see the truth in a situation. Her influence is often felt in times of war.
Balder was very handsome. He was so bright, light shone from him, hence the name God of Light. Balder held caught and settled legal disputes. Any legal and court matters should be directed to Balder.
Part of the triad of divine matriarchs with Fotia and Eriu. They used magick to repel invaders. Honor her when you need protection from psychic or magical attack.
Bast is goddess of cats, and protects them vehemently. Like a mother defending her young, her wrath knows no bounds when her charges are threatened. She is also known as a goddess of life and joy, as well as a guardian of women. She will offer unmatched protection to those she favors. She is also associated with dancing, music, sex and pleasure. Although a defender of Re the sun god, she became associated with the Moon, and with Pleasure, Music and Dance.
Closely connected with the Druids, his name is seen in the festival of Beltane, where cattle were once driven through the bonfires for purification and fertility. Science, healing , hot springs, fire, success, prosperity, purification, crops, vegetation, fertility, cattle. If you need assistance in any of these areas, work with Bel.
Bes is the happy egyptian god of luck, and the protector of women in childbirth. A whimsical god, he delights in handing our good fortune to gamblers and children when they please him. He is often depicted wearing a headress of ostrich feathers with a leopard-skin around his body. He is also the God of music, dance and pleasure. He wards off evil spirits, protects children, and kills snakes!
Created by Math and Gwydion as wife for Lugh. She was changed into an owl for her plotting his death and for her adultery. Goddess of the Earth in bloom. Flowers, wisdom, lunar mysteries, intiations. If you are preparing for dedication or promotion, she would work well for you.
Blue God
The Blue God is associated with Spring, Youth, and Potency. He is the consort of the Star Goddess, and is seen as the personal Divine Spirit. He represents the God-Self. he is usually described as youthful and androgynous in appearance with the breasts of a barely adolescent girl and an erect penis. Around his neck is a serpent and in his hair are peacock eye-feathers. Work with him in matters of Fertility and Vitality.
Goddess of the River Boyne, mother of Angus mac Og by the Dagda. A magic hazel tree overhung a well belonging to Nechtan. The tree dropped nuts into the water imbuing it with great knowledge. When Boann approached the well, it burst forth in a great gush which overwhelmed Boann and created a new river - The River Boyne.
Bran the Blessed
Brother of Maanawydan ap Llyr and Branwen. God of prophecy, arts, leaders, war, the Sun, music and writing. Those seeking foreknowledge, or strength in leadership should consult Bran.
Sister of Bran the Blessed and wife of the Irish king Matholwch. Goddess of love and beauty. One of the three matriarchs of Britain. Often referred to as the Lady of the Lake.
Daughter of the Dagda, another aspect of Danu. Goddess of Fire, fertility, the hearth, and all feminine arts. She is believed to originally been honored as a Sun goddess. She is also associated with healing, physicians, agriculture, inspiration, learning, poetry, divination, prophecy, smithcraft, animal husbandry, occult knowledge. Other aspects of her are Brigid the Physician and Brigid the Smith. She is also the patron of other crafts such as wool-dying, weaving and brewing. A goddess of regeneration and abundance, she was greatly beloved as a provider of plenty who brought forth the bounties of the natural world for the good of the people. She is closely connected with livestock and domesticated animals. In Ireland, she is honored by wells and springs. At the shrine at Kildare there was a perpetual flame burning for Brigit. She is a great feminine deity to assist in any of these aspects.

Cailleach (or Cailliach) is referred to as the "Dark Mother", and the "Mother of All" in parts of Scotland. She is depicted as an old hag with the teeth of a wild bear and boar's tusks. She is said to have created the Earth. She carried a magical staff, which froze the ground with every tap.

She represents initiation through cold, hard truth. Her cauldron represents the darkness of the womb where new life pauses before coming into being.

She is associated with death and rebirth as she stands at the end of the old year and the beginning of the new. It is said that the last farmer to harvest his grain would look after Cailleach until the next harvest. The first farmer who finishes harvesting would start to make a corn-dolly from the first grain. He would then pass it on to the next farmer who finishes, and the next. It would keep going until the corn-dolly ends up with the last farmer, who would be obligated to watch the Caillach while she sleeps in her cave, then awakens as the Goddess Bride (Brighid) at Ostara. Other traditions state that she turns to stone during this time and awakens at Beltane, again as the maiden goddess.

She will show you what you need to know, even if you don't want to see it!

Sachiel has domain over intellect and memory, tears and temperance, and rules over games of chance and matters of luck. Cassiel is a patron Angel for the investor, stock broker, or gambler.
"The Horned One" is a Celtic god of fertility, life, animals, wealth, and the underworld. The Druids knew him as Hu Gadarn, the Horned God of fertility. He was portrayed sitting in a lotus position with horns or antlers on his head, long curling hair, a beard, naked except for a neck torque, and sometimes holding a spear and shield. Virility, fertility, animals, physical love, Nature, woodlands, reincarnation, crossroads, wealth, commerce, warriors.
The Moon Goddess or Great Mother. Her areas of influence are Death, fertility, regeneration, inspiration, magic, astrology, herbs, science, poetry, spells, knowledge and mountains. She was known as the Queen of the Witches - any exploration of arcane or occult arts is aided by offerings to Cerridwen.
Corn Maiden
The Corn Maiden is the youthful female deity parallel to the Blue God. She is considered a trickster. Despite her child-like and innocence, she is considered very powerful. She is the spirit of growth in plants and animals for a lack of power.
Daughter of the sea god Llyr. Connected with Beltane and often called the May Queen. Goddess of summer, flowers and love.
One aspect of the Triple Goddess. She represents old age or death, Winter, the end of all things, the waning Moon, post-menstrual phases of womens lives, all destruction that precedes regeneration through her cauldron of rebirth. Crows and other black creatures are sacred to her. Dogs often accompanied her and guarded the gates of her after-world, helping her receive the dead. Anyone coming to terms with significant physical changes in their life, or the passing of a loved one, may seek her wisdom.
Lord of the Heavens, Father of the gods and men - The Earth God. High King of the Tuatha De Danann. God of death and rebirth and master of all trades. He is lord of perfect knowledge. His cauldron (The Undry) supplied unlimited food. He also had a living oak harp which caused the seasons to change in their order. Protection, warriors, knowledge, magic, fire, prophecy, weather, reincarnation, the arts, initiation, patron of priests, the Sun, healing, regeneration, prosperity and plenty, music. First among magicians, warriors, artisans, all knowledge. He is a great all round deity to honor regularly.
Dagon is the plant-growth, fertility, and soil-god that was father of Baal. Dagon is depicted as half-man and half-fish. He is the inventor of the plow and known as the god of the Philistines.
Demeter controls the wheel of the year. She is the Earth Mother, Goddess to farmers, and mother of Persephone. When Persephone disappeared into the underworld, Demeter was inconsolable. As the source of all growth, the earth withered as Demeter mourned for her daughter. She took a job as nursemaid to Metanira, Queen of Eleusis. When the Queens daughter (Baubo) saw her crying one day by a well, she tried to comfort her, but without success, despite many attempts.Finally, she exposed her Vulva to Demeter. This made the goddess laughter, and the earth responded with new growth. Shortly after this, Persephone was restored to her mother, and Springtime came to the starving earth. Her greatest festival, shared with Persephone, was at Eleusis, a three day festival that culminated around the time of the Autumnal Equinox (Mabon). Demeter was worshiped in fireless sacrifices, demanding all offerings in their natural state. Honeycombs, unspun wool, unpressed grapes, and uncooked grain were laid on her altars. She encourages care and respect of the Earth. Give thanks to her for a bountiful Harvest.
Once he destroyed a terrible baby of the Morrigu. When he cut open the child's heart, he found three serpents that could kill anything. He killed these, burned them and threw the ashes into the nearest river. The ashes were so deadly that they made the river boil and killed everything in it. God of healing, medicine, regeneration, magic, silver-working.
God of wine, fertility, ecstasy, and theater. Dionysus is the life and soul of the party. He invented wine and spread the art of tending grapes. He has a dual nature. On the one hand bringing joy and devine ecstasy. On the other brutal, unthinking, rage. Thus, reflecting both sides of wines nature. In the myth of Bacchus (the Roman incarnation of Dionysus), Bacchus fell asleep on the beach, and was kidnapped by pirate sailors, who thought someone so well-dressed must be a prince. Bacchus woke up and told them who he was. The sailors didnt believe him. Bacchus then revealed himself in all his glory: he grew to such a large size, he filled the ship, with vines entwining the sails. The sailors panicked and jumped into the sea. Bacchus felt sorry for them, and turned them into dolphins. The ancient Greeks thought this explained why dolphins are so intelligent.
Queen of the Heavens, goddess of sea and air. Don ruled over the Land of the Dead. Entrances to this Otherworld were always in a sidhe (shee) or burial mound. Control of the elements and eloquence are areas she can assist with if approached correctly.
Mother of the tree calendar. She has dominion over Fertility, passion, sexual activities, trees, protection, knowledge, creativity. Consult her when you wish to spice up a sagging sex life!
Son of the wave, God of the sea. Son of Gwydion and Arianrhod. He swam as well as the fish from the moment of his birth. Swimmers and those seeking safety and bounty from the sea should honor him.
A Teutonic lunar Goddess, Eostres chief symbols were the rabbit (she was often seen in this form at the full moon), and the egg (representing the cosmic egg of creation). She is the source of the customs of "Easter Eggs" and the "Easter Bunny".The name Eostre is said to be related to the word east, which many believe makes her a dawn goddess The goddesss original name has been lost, for the name of her springtime rising of the sap festival was translated into Latin, before the Roman legions left in the 5th century, it would be reasonable to suppose. In the 8th century, Bede wrote : Eosturmonath has a name which is now translated "Paschal month", and which was once called after a goddess of theirs named Eostre, in whose honour feasts were celebrated in that month. Now they designate that Paschal season by her name, calling the joys of the new rite by the time-honoured name of the old observance. . The word Paschal comes from the greek word pascha - meaning Passover. Hence the drawing together of so many different cultural festivals at Ostara/Easter. .
The supreme god and consort of Athirat. He was the father of Dawn, Dusk, and Anat. He was the father of gods and men and the top deity of the western Semites. El is depicted as an old man with a long beard and two wings.
The maiden aspect of the triple goddess. She is passion, viatlity, beauty. She is the impetuosity of youth, the joy of spring.
Enki whose name was the god of the sweet waters. He was also the chief god of the city of Eridu and the god of wisdom and magic. Enki found uses for all of the creations of the Goddess of the Earth (Ki) despite their various infirmaties. He is the God of practicalities and of balance and fair play. With An, Enki is said to have created all the senior Gods. He is the god of shaping, and of creation.
Enlil was the offspring of An and Ki, and it is he that seperated Heaven (An) from Earth (Ki) with a pick-ax. Enlil symbolizes energy and force. He is the decider of ones destiny, and the namer of all things that Enki creates.It is Enlil that also made the day come forth and laid the plans that brought forth all seeds, plants and trees from the earth. He is the God of Agriculture.
"Without Enlil, the great mountain, no cities would be built, no settlements founded 
No stalls would be built, no sheepfold established,
No king would be raised, no high priest born..." 
Goddess of Horses, Mother Goddess, fertility, maternity, crops and prosperity. Daughter of a mare and a man, she was able to assume the form of a human or horse at will .Horse-breeders and veterinarians may wish to consult her.
One of the three queens of the Tuatha De Danann and a daughter of the Dagda. Ireland (Eire) was named after her, over Don's objections. Don subsequently drowned and became ruler of the underworld.
Eros is the son of Aphrodite and the god of love - usally highly erotic love. Becuase love is blind, he is often represented blindfolded. A sting from his arrow produces either uncontrollable love or insurmountable disinterest in the first person seen be Eross victim after wounding. If you need to spice up your love life (or even create one), Eros is the one to work with.
Goddess of forests, woodlands, and wild things. She rode in a chariot drawn by deer. Those wishing to draw closer to nature, to hear its voice and its messages, can seek guidance from her.
Forseti teaches that true justice can only come from being objective. Justice should be blind. When you need a positive outcome in a legal matter, Forseti should be honored.
Frey is the god of the harvest, the planting, of all growing and cultivating. Frey teaches respect for the land.
Freya is the goddess of erotic, sexual and sensual love, also fertility and marriage. She is the twin sister of Frey. She weeps tears of gold for her lost husband Odur. Freya’s solar chariot was pulled by cats across the heavens. These cats were said to control the sunshine, and if it rained at inconvenient times, it was because cats living in the area where the rain fell were going hungry. She is generous, passionate and exuberant and expects the same of those who would honor her.
Frigga is Odins wife, and her sphere of control is primarily the hearth and home; married love and childbirth. Often depicted in a chariot pulled by cats. She is birth and renewal. Those married couples desirous of children would do well to honor her.
Gabriel as been accredited as the angel who selects souls from heaven to be birthed into the material world and spends the nine months as the child is being developed informing the new person of what he or she will need to know on Earth, only to silence the child before birth by pressing his finger onto the childs lips, thus producing the cleft below a persons nose. Gabriel is most often noted as the messenger of the Annunciation where he tells Mary of the impending birth of Christ. It is Gabriel who is the consciousness carrier between the Divine and human Intelligence. He is closely associated with lunar tides and the waters of life.
Gaia is Mother Earth, and Grandmother of the Olympians. She was mother to Rhea, whose son was Zeus. She is an early earth goddess born from Chaos, as was Eros. She gave birth to Pontus and Uranus, without outside help, but then bore the Titans with Uranus as their father. She also gave birth to the Cyclopes, the Hecatonchires, the Erinyes. The Gigantes (Giants) and the Furies were conceived after Uranus had been castrated by his son Cronus (at the request of Gaia), and his blood fell to earth from the open wound. The Earth then becamce separated from the Sky (Uranus). After that, Gaia gave birth to other offspring, this time fathered by Pontus (The Sea). They were the sea-god Nereus, Thaumas, Phorcys, Ceto and Eurybia. It is also stated in some mythology that Gaia had offspring to her brother Tartarus; they were Echidna and Typhon. Gaia saved Zeus, her grandson, from being swallowed by Cronus, who had been informed that one of his children would depose him, and so to get rid of his children he had swallowed them. Through Gaias trickery, Zeus was saved. In Roman mythology she was known as Tellus or Terra. She is seen as the essence of primordial life, and of the Earth itself.
From the mating of Geb and and his sister Nut (The Sky Goddess) came the Sun and all the gods of Osiris and Isis. As an Earth-god, he was feared in that he might imprison the dead within himself and prevent the free movement of their spirits. Earthquakes were said to be the Laughter of Geb. He was also revered and honored, for he provided nourishments and fruits of the Earth to all peoples. He is also believed to have healing powers, and is said to have granted this power to Isis in order that she might heal sick children. Geb is therefore seen as the Father of the Gods in Egyptian Mythology. Geb is often shown with either a goose or the crown of Lower Egypt upon his head. As a god of fertility he was shown with erect penis pointing towards his sister-wife the sky (Nut). He acted as judge between Horus and his uncle Seth in their battles for supremacy over the earth and chose Horus, although Ra favoured Seth. Geb and Nut were always engaged in sex, until an outraged Ra had them separated by their father Shu.
Similar to Vulcan. He forged all the Tuatha's weapons. These weapons always hit their mark and every would inflicted by them was fatal. His ale gave the Tuatha invulnerability. God of blacksmiths, weapon-makers, jewelry making, brewing fire, metalworking.
Great Mother
The Great Mother is the consort of the Harvest Lord - the spirit of Earth and Sea and Sky. The World is her body. She is the birth mother, matriarch, administrator and executive. She embodies Womanhood. She represents fertility, growth, and the nurturing and care of children.
Druid of the mainland gods. Wizard and Bard of North Wales. Greatest of the enchanters, a warrior-magician. His influence extends to illusion, changes, magic and healing.
Gwynn ap Nudd
King of the Fairies and the underworld. As Lord of war and death, he knows where all the great warriros fell, and he gathers their souls with his hooded riders, leading them through the underworld to rest and rebirth. In this persona, he is accompanied by baying hounds of red, white and black. Gwyn has many other faces: He is also king of the Plant Annwn, or subterranean fairies, and as Lord of the forests he has great concern for the fate of the earth.
Opposite of Gwynn ap Nudd, he ruled the upper world, the land above. He spoke all the languages of the earth. Anyone wishing assistance learning a new language, or needing to make themselves understood, should make offerings to him.
Ruler of the underworld, Hades is at his strongest during the Winter months, when his wife Persephone is by his side, and the lands of men are cold and bleak.
The Hag is the crone aspect of the triple goddess in the Faery tradition. She represents the Spirit of Night, the Earth in Winter. Like her partner the Winter King, she is more androgynous than her summer counterpart. She is described as an old woman in a black hooded cloak with pure white hair and white skin. Crowned with nine blue stars, she carries a silver sickle. She is also called Anna or Annys, and the Queen of the Dead. She is the spirit of night and the Earth sleeping during the dark winter months. Her realm is the realm of the dead.
Harvest Lord
The Harvest Lord represents the ripeness of Summer, and the fullness of Manhood. he is a strongly male deity. Like Cernunnos, he appears as a man with the head of a horned stag. His body, hair and horns appear as different shades of gold, and around his neck is a garland of beautiful colored flowers and fresh green leaves.
Hathor is a lover of music, dance, art and inspiration. Her names means "The Dwelling of Horus". She is a protector of mothers and lovers. The Sun-God Horus lay within her breast each dusk and was reborn each dawn. She will act as a muse for those that honor her. She is often depicted with either having a cows head, or a womans head with cow horns.
Hecate is the goddess of the Moon, magic and of abundance. She is defender of children, and provider of food and riches. She is the midwife. She is the goddess of the crossroads, and later became known as the Goddess of the Underworld. In Pre-Classical Ancient Greece She was represented as a young woman clad in a long robe, holding burning torches. She is the Crone but also the Maiden. She brings abundance as well as storms, and has a key role in birth as well as death. Over the centuries she has been portrayed more and more as a dark goddess, but this comes through a misunderstanding of her power and complexity. When you have a life altering decision to make, she may be the one to consult.
Heimdalls duty is to sound his horn (Gjallahorn) to alert the gods of the coming of Ragnarok (The last battle). Hemidall is the god of guards, sentries, nightwatchmen and any that find themselves as protectors of others.
The daughter of Loki, Hel was confined to Niflheim by the gods. She is the goddess of death and the underworld and received the spirits of the dead, which she kept them in the elder tree until it was time for them to be reborn. Those wishing to live a long and happy life would do well to appease her.
The god of blacksmithing, fire and crafts. Said to be so ugly even his mother (Hera) didnt want him. He represents the smelting of metal and the advancement of civilization. Hephaestus teaches the value of hard work, honesty and reliability.
Heras influence over marriage is primarily concerned with the welfare of the bride and the obedience and fidelity of the bridegroom. The quarrels between Hera and Zeus, her husband, caused great storms to cross the skies. Hera is the protectress of the stable family and home. She is the mother aspect of the Triple Goddess. Those wishing to bring stability back into their marriage may wish to consult her.
Hermaphroditus was the child of Aphrodite (Goddess of Love and Beauty) and Hermes (Messenger of the Gods). Raised in a cave, his wanderlust took him to Lycian cities and unknown lands, where by a pool of clear water, he was transformed into an hermaphrodite by union with the nymph Salmacis, who was gathering flowers when her gaze fell upon him. Instantly smitten, yet spurned by Hermaphroditus, Salmacis called on the Gods to let them never be separated. The gods responded by joining them as one person. In addition to being the physical embodiment of the balance between the universal energies, Hermaphroditus also combines the best qualities of his parents, including love, beauty, communication, science, and athletics.
The God of travellers, merchants, messengers and speakers.He is said to have invented the lyre, the pipes, the musical scale, astronomy , weights and measures, boxing, gymnastics, and the care of olive trees. Very cunning and shrewd, he values fair play, but admires wit and daring. He espouses punctuality and dependability.
Firstborn daughter of Cronus and Rhea. Sworn to remain a virgin forever, she is the Goddess of ordinary folk, and rises above of politics and quarrels. She teaches the values of family life and the rewards of hard work. Hestia never took human form, so no statues were ever made of her. Hestia was seen only in the fire of the home hearth, treated as an honored guest and helpful to her hosts. As the hearth goddess, Hestia symbolized family unity. As goddess of the public hearth, she embodied the social contract. A virgin forever, she tends the Eternal Flame on Mount Olympus.
Isis gave birth to Horus after re-animating the corpse of her dead husband, Osiris. Horus was born on the floating island of Chemmis. The infant Horus is often referred to as Harpokrates and is represented as a baby, wearing only jewellry. In his adult form, Horus is the Falcon-God Lord of the Sky and symbol of divine kingship.In ancient Egypt, the Pharaoh was seen as a manifestation of the living Horus on the throne of Egypt and each succeeding Pharaoh used the name of Horus as the first of his titles. Horus was raised by Isis in secret, and received spiritual visits from Osiris, who trained him to in the use of arms, so that he could reclaim his inheritance from Set, the slayer of Osiris. Horus teaches of absolute power, and of knowing the spirit as well as the body.
Idunna is the keeper of the apples of youth, which keep the Gods young and strong. Once, when Idunna was snatched by Loki, the gods' beauty began to fade rapidly. After holding a meeting to discuss her disappearance, they discover that she was last seen with Loki, and they go after him. Loki then changed the goddess and her apples into a nut and flew away with them. Idunna is the embodiment of the strength and vitality of youth, that which keeps the worlds strong and fruitful. Her very name means "the renewing one". Both apples and nuts are signs, not merely of fruitfulness, but specifically of life springing forth again from death.
Inanna (also known as Istar, and Ninanna) is the goddess of love, fertility, and war. She is frequently shown with bow and arrow, naked or simply clad in long robes with a crown on her head and an eight-rayed star as her symbol. She travels to the realm of the dead and claimed dominian over it, however, her sister Ereshkigal, the ruler of the realm of the dead, sentenced her to death. As Inanna died, nature died with her and nothing would grow anymore. Enki intervened and decreed that she could be reborn if another person took her place. She chose her consort Dumuzi, who from then on ruled the underworld for six months of the year. The similarities between Inannas descent into the realm of the dead and the Goddess Persephones journey into Hades is striking, and it would be useful for anyone wishing to honor Inanna to also study Persephone.
The wife of Osiris, she is goddess of marriage and fertility and motherhood. She is one of the goddesses most frequently mentioned in the hieroglyphic texts. Her hieroglyph is a throne. When Set killed her husband, Isis found his body and restored him to life long enough to pass on his seed, so that she might give birth to Horus. She usually is depicted carrying a papyrus sceptre, and wearing a crown adorned with horns (the Horns of Isis). She teaches that love can overcome all, even death.
God of the sea and water, father of Bran, Branwen, and Manawyddan.
Loki is the trickster. Easily bored, he spends his time playing practical jokes. He teaches that life should be looked at from all angles, in order to find solutions to problems that others may not have thought of. Be careful not to offend him.
He was a carpenter, mason, smith, harper, poet, Druid, physician, and goldsmith. War, magic, commerce, reincarnation, lightning, water, arts and crafts, manual arts, journeys, martial arts, blacksmiths, poets, harpers, mucicians, historians, sorcerors, healing, revenge, initiation, prophecy. When asked to state his craft in order to be admitted to the assembly of the gods, Lugh listed all his skills. He was admitted because although many had the skills he listed, no other person had all of them. Associated with ravens, and with London (Lu-dunum - Lughs town). Anyone wishing to learn a new skill may want to give offerings to Lugh.
Luna is the feminine personification of the moon. She holds great power over the cycles of life, including birth and death, as well the tides of the Ocean. She regulates the seasons and the months, and is associated with the first day of the waning moon. Honor her for a safe delivery of a new born, and for the passing over of a loved one.
Maat was a teenage girl goddess who was often represented as a pair of twins. She was Truth and Order, Harmony and equilibrium, justice and supreme balance; the concept that the universe, above everything else is an ordered and rational place. Her domain encompasses predictability and regularity - constants. She is - paradoxically - the Goddess of Science, as well as integrity and honor. She stands at the entrance to the material plane. At the time of one's death, she will place their heart on her scales and weight it against a feather. If they balance, then that person may pass on to the afterlife in peace. If not, it means that the heart is heavy with evil, and the soul is devoured by the monstrous goddess Ahemait.
Mother of Life and Death, originally a Mother Goddess - one of the aspects of the triple Morrigu. Also called Mania, Mana, Mene, Minne. Associated with ravens and crows. Protectress in war as in peace. Cunning, sheer physical force, sexuality, fertility, dominance over males. A woman wishing to escape or subdue an overbearing spouse might consult her.
Manannan mac Lir
Manannan was the patron god of the Tuatha Dé Danann and the son of Lir, the Sea God he later supplanted. He also controlled the weather, but only as it related to the Seas and Oceans. Manannan was also a healer and sorcerer. Manannán owned magical swine (pigs), and kept the Tuatha Dé Danann young. Each day, the swine was killed and roasted for the Dananns to eat. At the end of the day the swine returned to life, to be killed and eaten the next day. Manannan had two or possibly three wives: The beautiful Fand, who had affair with the Ulster hero, Cu Chulainn and Aife who was killed in Crane form and transformed into a magical treasure bag. Manannan was also either a lover or husband of Aine, the sun goddess of love. Manannan lived in the "Land of Promise" and possessed a ship called "Wave-sweeper". This vessel that could steer itself by his thought, without the needs of oars or winds. The Isle of Man is named after him, and on Midsummers day, the people of the Isle of Man go to the top of the highest hill to pay rent to the first king of their island, Manannan mac Lir, Lord of the Waves, Son of Nine Mothers.
Associated with the fairy religion of the Goddess. He is said to have learned all his magic from the Goddess under her many names of Morgan, Viviane, Nimue, Fairy Queen, and Lady of the Lake. Tradition says he sleeps in a hidden crystal cave. Illusion, shape-shifting, herbs, healing, woodlands, Nature, protection, counseling, prophecy, divination, psychic abilities, foreseeing, crystal reading, tarot, magic, rituals, spells, incantations, artisans and smiths are all his domains. Anyone wishing to work with the occult may wish to consult him for wisdom and guidance.
Amongst the Archangels, Michael ranks as the highest of the host. He is considered to be of the class of seraphim, and yet is also head of other ranks within the hierarchy: the ruler of the archangels, leader of the virtues, and head of the principalities in his role as protector of Israel. Michael is considered to be the angel of the burning bush through which God spoke to Moses. It is Michael who weighs the souls on judgment day, after his battle with the forces of evil. He is mentioned as both an angel of destruction and vengeance in the name of God, but also as a protector.
The Morrigan reigned over the battlefield, helping with her magic, but did not join in battles. Queen of the Fairies. In her Dark Aspect she is the goddess of war, fate and death. Also goddess of rivers, lakes, and fresh water. Patroness of priestesses and witches.
The source deity of the Sumerian pantheon. From Nammu came all the other deities and all things. Described as "The Mother who gave birth to Heaven and Earth", she is the mother of An, the Father of the Gods.
"When heaven above was not yet known, 
nor earth below called by name; 
but primeval Apsû, their begetter, 
and the matrix, Tiâmat 
— she who gave birth to them all — 
were mingling their waters in one." 
(Enûma elish [Akkadian])
Nephthys was married to Set, mother of Sobek and Anubis (from Osiris). She is protector of the good, and hates eveil doers. She is also the embodiment of grief, blaming herself for the death of Osiris at Sets hand. Those seeking sympathetic counsel may call on her.
Nerthus is the Earth Goddess, who was said to have traveled through Denmark in a wagon, from which she blessed people with peace and prosperity, happiness and fertility. She is the Earth mother that rules over Midgard and was one of the Vanir Deities of the Norse pantheon. She is often considered to be the sister and wife of Njord, mother of Freyja and Frey. She is also associated with witchcraft, wealth and purification.
Nike is victory, success, overcoming great odds to reach ones goal. She does not teach victory at any cost, but rather victory through honesty and fair play. She was a companion of Athena She was depicted as having wings and wearing a billowing robe, carrying a wreath and a staff. Nike and her siblings were all companions of Zeus.
Ki (Goddess of Earth) was the sister and consort of An (God of Heaven). Together they conceived Enlil, who separated them, one from the other. Ki now became known as Ninmah, Nintu or Ninhursag. Her domain is the Earth and all its creatures and plants. Ninmah created the first humans, practically unaided. As a result, many of them had serious defects, but Enki (God of Justice) was able to find uses for all of them.
Ninlil was Enlil's consort, and mother of the moon goddess, Nanna. However Ninlil was not taken willingly - Enlil was young and impetuous, and raped Ninlil despite her protests, So she took Enlil to trial in front of the assembled gods Enlil was banished to the Underworld for his crime. Ninlil has a change of heart, regretting her hastiness in condemning him, and seeks to bring him back from the Underworld, via a series of tests through which the young God gains wisdom and experience. At the end of these trials, both Enlil and Ninlil return to the world above and become a very loving couple.
Njord is the god of the sea and winds. He is the father of Frey and Freya. Those who wish to make their living from the sea would do well to honor him.
He had an invincible sword, one of the four great treasures of the Tuatha. God of healing, water, ocean, fishing, the Sun, sailing, childbirth, dogs, youth, beauty, spears and slings, smiths, carpenters, harpers, poets, historians, sorcerors, writing, magic, warfare, incantations. Another multi-skilled god, useful to consult on any of the above.
Nut (Nuit/Nuet) (pronounced Noot) was an Egyptian Sky-Goddess, separated from her consort and brother (Geb) by Ra. She is usually shown as a woman with a long, star-spangled body touching the earth with her fingers and toes, her back making an arch in the sky. The Sun god would travel up her legs each day, across her back and is then swallowed in her mouth, to be reborn the next day. This led to her being associated with resurrection, and the world of the dead. She was believed to watch over the deceased, and her image has been found painted on the inside lid of Egyptian Sarcophagi. She is often referred to as The Sow who eats up her piglets, in that she subsumes all the heavenly bodies in her own being. When seen in human form, she is seen wearing a vase upon her head.
The Goddess Nyx was one of the first deities to emerge from the void at the beginning of time. She is the feminine personification of night, and represents darkness, nightmares, dreams and mystery. she is attributed with power over illness, suffering, dreams, misfortunes, quarrels, war, murder, sleep and death. Daughter of Chaos and wife of Erebos she bore two children, Aether and Hemera. It is reputed that anything inexplicable or frightening that befell men was attributed to Nyx.
Odin, the all-father, commanded the Valkyries, who carried out his orders on the battlefield unquestioningly. He lost his eye drinking from the well of Mimir, which made him eternally wise. He hung himself on the tree Yggdrasil for nine days in order to obtain the secret of the runes. He is the god of War, and of wisdom. His steed, Sleipnir, had eight hooves and was the swiftest of all stallions. He was also the God of Poetry because he was able to steal the "Poets mead" which was from the divine source.
Odur is often considered to be another aspect of Odin. He is the husband of Freya, however he left her after she was discovered sleeping with four dwarves. He teaches respects, and that duty and responsibility bring joy when they are accepted gladly.
Invented the Ogham script alphabet. He is associated with eloquence, poets, writers, physical strength, inspiration, language, literature, magic, spells, the arts, music, reincarnation.
Osiris was the son of Geb and Nut, and was once the greatest of the Egyptian gods, until murdered by Set. Set was very jealous of his brother Orisis. he tricked Osiris into a chest which was then thrown into the Nile. Osiriss body was retrieved, but when Set found out he tore it into 14 pieces and spread it throughout the Kingdom. All the pieces except one where recovered by the wife of Osiris, Isis. Using magic she embarmed Osiris and restored him to life, after three days. Thus, he represents the cycle of life, and is eternal. From the ancient deities, Osiris inherited the power of control over the forces of nature. He is the god of the afterlife, and vegetation. He demands that his worshippers are honest and square in their dealings with others to earn their place in eternity.
Pan is the wild God of Nature. The Horned One, the Leaper in the Corn. He is the son of Hermes. A free spirit, he teaches the joys of singing, dancing and respect for nature.
Persephone was the queen of the underworld and the Great Goddess of the Eleusinian Mysteries. In her youth Persephone was hidden away from the gods by her mother Demeter, but Zeus found her hiding place and seduced her in the form of a serpent. Zeus then promised her to Hades as his bride, and she was taken to the dark realms. Her mother Demeter was in despair at her disappearance and searched the world for her missing daughter with Hekate as companion. Upon discovering her whereabouts and Zeus part in her rape, Demeter refused to let the crops grow until her daughter was returned to her. Zeus consented, but as Persephone had tasted the food of Hades - a handful of pomegranate seeds - she was forced to forever spend a part of the year with her husband in the underworld.
Poseidon, brother of Zeus, embodies all that is great and terrible in the Sea. He brings forth life, and takes it away. He can protect those at sea, or destroy them. Poseidon was the master of lakes, rivers and streams. He had the power to shake the Earth at will, splitting mountains and rolling them into the sea to create Islands. His rage was expressed in the great storms of the seas. Anyone taking a journey over water would do well to honor Poseidon ahead of time.
Husband to Sekhmet and sometimes Bast. Ptahs law is Universal law. He is seen as the creator, older than the gods themselves, the one who put all things in motion, and the only one who knows the true purpose. His name means Sculptor or Engraver. He is usually shown as a bearded, balding man wearing a tight headband. Those seeking meaning for their life should consult Ptah.
Ra was often referred to as Re-Horakhty, meaning Re (is) Horus of the Horizon, referring to the god's character. In early Egyptian mythology he created the world. The rising sun was, for them, the symbol of creation. Re, in his form known as Atum, rose in the beginning of creation as a benben stone, an obelisk-like pillar. He then spit forth Shu and Tefnut, who became the first godly couple, and who respectively, symbolized air and moisture. To them, Geb and Nut, were born, symbolizing the earth and sky. Geb and Nut then brought forth two divine couples: Osiris & Isis, Seth & Nephthys. The daily cycle, of the sun rising, setting and rising again, symbolized renewal and thus Re was seen as the paramount force of creation and master of life. His closest ally is Ma'at, the embodiment of order and truth.
Raphael is mentioned as being a member of the cherubim, dominations and powers. In his role as healer, it is Raphael who eases the pain of Abraham after his circumcision, and healing Jacobs thigh after Jacob wrestles with another angel. He is also considered to be a patron of the sciences as well as medicine, teaching Noah how to construct the ark before the flood, and teaching Solomon how to bind demons into slave labor when Solomons Temple was being built (The Key of Solomon). He was originally called Labbiel.
When Cronus ate his own children, Rhea managed to rescue one son, Zeus. She hid him in the Dictean Cave in Crete and gave Cronus a stone wrapped in the clothes of the infant, which he swallowed, believing he had killed all his children. Zeus later overpowered Cronus and made his spew forth his siblings. She can assist in ease of childbirth, and soothe the pain and difficulties of menstruation.
Goddess of birds and horses. Enchantments, dreams, magic, fertility, and the Underworld.
One of the seven great archangels. According to angelic lore, Sahaqiel is the guardian of the fourth heaven. He is associated with the positive aspects of Wealth and Business, Charity and Dignity. Sahaqiel motivation is based on the concept that as one becomes more affluent, it is important to assist those less fortunate.
Samael has been regarded both as evil and good; He is heavily concerned with matters of war and the machinations of mankind. He often served as the Angel of Death, a role also taken on by Azriel. Samael is the chief angel of the 5th Heaven, and is often called upon in times of war to provide support and quick victory.
Saturn (Kronos or Cronus in the Greek) was a god of fertility and agriculture. Saturn fled to Latium in an attempt to escape from the wrath of his son Jupiter. Saturn introduced agriculture to his people, teaching them how to farm the land. The Roman festival of Saturnalia was celebrated during the winter, and was a time of feasting, merriment and giving of gifts. He is also associated with the European figure of Old Father Time, representing the ending of the year.
Underworld goddess of the Land of Scath. Also a warrior woman and prophetess who taught the martial arts. Patroness of blacksmiths, healing, magic, prophecy, martial arts.
Wife to Ptah ("The beloved of Ptah"), Sekhmet was also regarded as the one "Great of Magic" whose knowledge of sorcery gave her a place in the service of healing. Yet she also represents the Fiery destructive heat of the Sun. She worked with Bast to destroy the enemies of the Sun God, by whom Sekhmet had to be restrained for her desire for battle was so great should could easily have wiped out the human race.
God of Strength and chaotic force, Set is seen as the ultimate bad guy of the Egyptian mythos. Slayer of Osiris, Husband and sister of Nephthys, father of Sobek, he brings chaos and disorder to the world. In a chaotic, uncertain situation, appeasing Set may help clarify matters.
Sif is the wife of Thor. Goddess of Excellence and skill in battle, she is also the protector abused women, and those wounded in battle. Anyone wishing to seek escape or protection from an abusive mate might want to ask her assistance.
Sirtur is the Goddess of the Sheep, consort of Enki and mother of the demigod Dumuzi. Although she is referred to in many places as a Goddess, she started out mortal, and it is only in later references that she is mentioned as a deity.
Skadi came to Asgard in search of revenge for the death of her father at the hands of Thor. She was married to Njord, and they continually moved back and forth between Asgard and Jorunheim. This motion created the seasons. Skadi is Goddess of the mountains, and anyone who makes their living hunting and herding would be favored by her.
The son of Set and Nephthys, Sobek teaches 'eat or be eaten' - survival of the fittest. He is also the protector (or tormentor) of those that would travel on rivers and in swamps.
Star Goddess
The Star Goddess appears as a beautiful lionness headed woman with great wings, her whole body Dark Blue, her hair sprinkled with a million stars. The Star Goddess is the Primary, the primal from which all flows. The other deities are seen as aspects of her. Her emblem is the Oroboros a serpent with its tail in its mouth. Work with her when on issues relating to reincarnation and the cyles of life.
It is said that, at Ragnarok, Surtur will set the world on fire, burning it away to make room for the next creation. Firemen and anyone who deals with flammable substances or explosives should appease Surtur regularly.
Prince of Song, Chief of the Bards of the West. Taliesen was a poet. Patron of Druids, Bards, and minstrels; a shape-shifter. Writing, poetry, wisdom, wizards, Bards, music, knowledge, magic.
One of the best known of the gods of Asgard, Thor is the God of Thunder; the Guardian of Asgard. He is a great warrior, and admires courage in battle, regardless of how the fight goes. Those requiring courage (or calm weather!) should honor Thor, who was always seen to behave benevolently toward mankind.
Thoth is mysterious, ancient. Also known as Aah-Djehuti or Tahuti.It is said he was present at the creation, witnessing the birth of Ra. It is occasionally suggested he is the son of Ra, but this is confused. Thoth is the god of knowledge, of scribes, of learning for the sake of improving oneself. He is said to have invented geometry, arithmetic, astronomy, medicine, music and writing, amongst other disciplines. Thoth knows what others do not. Thoth symbolized the Moon in all its phases, although he most strongly represents the new moon. The name Thoth means Thrice Great, and thus he is the equivalent of Hermes Trismegistus of the Greek pantheon.
Whereas Surtur would burn the world, Thrym would freeze it. Thrym's cold, silent winter are the enemy of Thor's chaotic, turbulent storms. Appease Thrym if you need relief from cold weather!
Daughter of Oceanus and Tethys, Goddess of Luck, she teaches that every situation's outcome is determined by chance. She is the Goddess of gamblers and protector of those that take desperate chances in a good cause.
Tyr is the most courageous of the gods. He lost his right hand to Fenrir the wolf while the gods bound the son of Loki. Tyr teaches self sacrifice, courage, order and strategy. Anyone needing more strength in these areas should consort with Tyr.
Uller teaches respect for wildlife and nature. He is the god of hunting. The quietness of winter is his domain. When you have to go it alone, take on challenges by yourself with no one to help you, call on Uller.
Winter King
The Winter King is the spirit of Winter and Death. He is said to embody our most primal fears. He is the Guardian of the crossroads between the physical world and the spiritual world. He has a goats head and lower body, and large black bat wings. Between his horns is a flaming torch and on his forehead glows a large ruby.
The Father of Gods and Mortals. Sometimes referred to as Cloud-Gatherer, Zeus is one of the six children of Cronus and Rhea. He led the other gods in revolt against their father. Zeus is controller of storms and weather, and of the fate of mankind. He is usally depicted as a strong, robust and mature man deep in thought. He holds a scepter in his left hand and a thunderbolt in his right.


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