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  • When the editor of Pagan News, Michelle, asked me if I would review Dr. Kaehr's book, Crystal Skull Consciousness, not only was I flattered, but very excited to do so. I'd read her articles posted on Pagan News and had been - and continue to be - struck by her enthusiasm and wisdom. After reading the book, I decided instead of a review, I would turn this into an interview. The book is remarkable, fascinating, and intriguing. For me, however, there were a few ideas I needed clarifying, and, with a HUGE thank you going out to this tremendous woman for her willingness to participate, I am able to submit the following. If you haven't read this book yet, I encourage you to do so. You won't be disappointed!
    - Kevin McCauley

    PNN-KM: Mainstream archaeologists / historians most often explain that cultural fascination with skulls has to do with a fascination with death, which led to the formation of rituals honoring the dead. What do you think is the connection between "skull consciousness" and death rituals, if any?

    SHELLY: Yes, I definitely think there are connections to death rituals. If you look at many archeological sites around the globe, you often see stone carvings of skulls which were symbolic of people who perished in plagues, war and sacrifice. I think when images from that long ago are still present in modern times, they link us to the collective consciousness of our ancestors and definitely have a connection to why skulls currently speak to us at such a deep unconscious level.

    PNN-KM: With your extensive background and expertise in crystals, what is it about the skull shape that makes these crystals more powerful energetically than differently shaped crystals?

    SHELLY: The shape of any stone contributes to its healing potential. Crystals carved in geometrical patterns allow us to access the form of our own cells and other building blocks of the universe. Likewise, the shape of the skull speaks to the collective generations from times past and allows us to tune into the higher holographic form of ourselves. It is powerful!

    PNN-KM: Regarding the discussion you had with the skull crystal, Clyde, how did you receive his responses? In other words, was there a distinctly different voice emanating from the crystal during your meditation with him or was it more like thoughts or even images? (Please don't take this as being facetious...I'm genuinely curious, mainly because I receive impressions from people and things...and have never, as far as I know, received anything on the spiritual level visually or audibly, except maybe through dreams).

    SHELLY: When I say Clyde spoke, or any stone spoke to me (I say that a lot, actually) I am not referring to a 3D audible sound but a tangible voice from within. When I write I hear an inner voice, like some psychics receive visuals, which I do at times, in this case, I receive information auditorially, thus I describe it as speaking to me.

    PNN-KM: Playing the advocate: Is it possible that the energy from this crystal instead unlocked information or knowledge already stored within you? Maybe having come from experiences during a past life?

    SHELLY: Absolutely! All spiritual tools ever do is unlock the wisdom already within. I believe we all lived many past lives and we probably knew a lot of things, but in the Greek mindset, we choose to dip into the river of forgetfulness when we come here and in my opinion, spend our entire lifetimes trying to remember the fact we already know so much.

    The other philosophy regarding the skulls is that there are actual light beings who project themselves through the skulls in order to assist humanity with various things. That is why so many who work with skulls report such strong personalities and the phenomenon of the skulls telling people what their name is. With Clyde, I think the latter is the case. I believe there is a being who is assisting people and using the skull form to communicate.

    PNN-KM: In my perception, the arrival of Indigo Children should be expected, considering the predictions about the next cycle of spiritual evolution made by cultures such as the ancient Maya. They exemplify intuitively and spiritually what all of us are, but have been taught to deny. Would you elaborate on the connection between the crystal skulls / consciousness and their arrival in this world? And what does all this mean for the rest of us?

    SHELLY: I completely agree with you about Indigos. Mankind is evolving so on one level, it makes sense kids born today are smarter, more gifted, than we are. Likewise, the new abilities they possess are much needed in this next stage of human evolvement. Lately both the Crystal Skulls and the Lemurian Seed Crystals (subject of my other book Lemurian Seeds: Hope for Humanity) are coming in big time to assist us with the energy shifts currently taking place on earth prior to 2012. Assuming as I said in the last question, special light beings are projecting themselves through the skulls, I believe they showed up at this time to assist humanity as our planetary frequencies continue to alter and change rapidly in preparation for the New Age.

    PNN-KM: After reading your book, Beyond Reality, I'm very curious about what you feel to be the connection between the crystal skulls and multiple realities. If our reality is based on individual choice, which I truly believe it to be so, what roll or rolls are the crystal skulls playing with regards to our awareness of the alternate universes? If everything in our world exist because we chose it to be so, do you think then they are here and being found because we want them to be here or that because others set them here to remind us of the connection we have with everything? Or something else entirely different?

    SHELLY: Wow, Kevin! This is an awesome question! I love it! This is kind of a chicken or egg question, isn't it?

    In my lectures I talk about the old saying that God gave us everything we need....if this is true, then why do we continually discover new technologies, lifeforms, etc?

    I believe this is a function of consciousness, meaning the people who are meant to find, notice and work with these tools will do so, and numbers of people destined, or whatever you call it, to work with crystal skulls happen to be increasing at this time. Why? Again, due to the times we live in. Skulls have been around for millennia, as said earlier, so the fact attention is being placed on it now is for some higher reason, readiness for something we do not entirely know about yet.

    Does it have to do with many worlds? I believe yes, there are different simultaneous realities playing out now and in some the skulls may be more prevalent than in others. Interestingly, the film Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls was chosen at this time over any number of other possible themes for that latest edition to the franchise. Why? Aside from the fact Spielberg is tuned in to something, it must be important. When Raiders of the Lost Arc was released, some including myself, believe that film spawned the huge wave of explorers and writers to turn their attention to the Arc of the Covenant. That film had a huge impact on reality for a lot of people for many years. The film is important because prior to that, Crystal Skulls were only being talked about by a few obscure researchers. Now it is in the collective consciousness, and I can only imagine it's for some higher purpose, as all things

    >Shelley Kaehr
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